Title numbers 6 and 7 for a BMW Motorrad Motorsport community: Sébastien Le Grelle and Florian Brunet-Lugardon are crowned champions.

Munich. The titles collecting continues: during a weekend,
Sébastien Le Grelle (BEL) and Florian Brunet-Lugardon (FRA) secured
pretension numbers 6 and 7 of a deteriorate for a BMW Motorrad
Motorsport community. Le Grelle was crowned champion in the
International Road Racing Championship (IRRC), Brunet-Lugardon in
a French European Bikes Championship (FR EU).

The deteriorate culmination was also held
in a
South African Motorcycle Road Racing Championship (RSA SBK),
with another lectern finish for David McFadden (RSA). In addition,
a BMW racers were in movement in a

Italian Superbike Championship (CIV) and a SuperBike Series
Brasil (BRSBK).



International Road Racing Championship during
, Germany.


Sébastien Le Grelle (BEL) of group Herpigny Motors – BMW Motorrad
Belux was a standings personality from a initial competition of a season
onwards – and during a final turn of a International Road Racing
Championship (IRRC) in Frohburg (GER), he was crowned champion. On his
approach to his second pretension win, following his initial in 2015 , a Belgian
BMW supplement finished a final dual races of a year with two
third-places. BMW racers dominated a deteriorate in a series, claiming
a initial 4 places in a altogether championship standings.


All 6 lectern positions in a dual races went to BMW riders. In the
initial encounter, Marek Červený (CZE / Wepol Safemetal Racing) took the
win. Team Penz13 BMW Motorrad’s Derek Sheils (IRL) was second, with Le
Grelle finishing third to secure a champion’s title. Four some-more RR
riders crossed a line within a top-ten: Didier Grams (GER /
GG Motorsport by Todoracing) and Erno Kostamo (FIN / Markka
Racing) were fifth and sixth, while Petr Bičiště (CZE / Kimura Racing
Team), Danny Webb (GBR / Penz13 BMW Motorrad) and Kamil Holan (CZE /
Mc Race) finished in eighth to tenth position.


In competition two, a BMW riders claimed a top-five lockout. Webb and
Sheils cumulative a 1-2 outcome for Penz13 BMW Motorrad, Le Grelle was
again third, followed by Grams and Červený. Kostamo was classified
seventh, Bičiště and Holan followed in ninth and tenth.


In a altogether standings, Červený is second behind champion Le
Grelle, Grams follows in third and Kostamo is fourth.


Sébastien Le Grelle: “I am really happy to have won the
IRRC title. The championship is removing bigger and bigger. It is great
to have so many spectators following us and a atmosphere is always
fantastic. It is loyal that some marks are flattering dangerous and one
contingency keep a cold head. we am confident with my season. The BMW S 1000
RR works great, it is really fit and really pleasing to ride. Over
a whole deteriorate we did not have one automatic problem. My Herpigny
Motors group is really veteran and we wish to appreciate them all. I
always rode with finish certainty in my bike.”



French Superbike Championship during Albi, France.


Three weeks after Kenny Foray’s (FRA) early pretension win, a final
turn of a 2017 French Superbike Championship (FSBK) was hold in
Albi (FRA). The deteriorate did not finish as a newly crowned champion from
a Tecmas Racing Team had planned, however. Foray crashed in Friday’s
practice, suffered injuries to his right palm and had to lay out the
rest of a weekend. As a result, his team-mate Maxime Bonnot (FRA)
was a usually BMW supplement in a field. He finished a dual races in
12th and ninth positions, claiming second place in the
Superbike Challenger category on both occasions.



French European Bikes Championship during Albi, France.


The French European Bikes Championship (FR EU) pretension was decided
between a brothers and team-mates Florian and Cyril Brunet-Lugardon
(both FRA / Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise). At a deteriorate finale, held
in Albi (FRA), Florian defended a tip palm in a brothers’ duel.
He cumulative a pretension in Saturday’s initial competition by holding his ninth win
of a season. Cyril gifted bad luck: while fighting with his
hermit for a win and a title, his sequence pennyless shortly before the
finish line. Florian Brunet-Lugardon afterwards also took a win in race
dual on Sunday. In a end, he was crowned champion with a sum of 263
points and an advantage of 58 points, notwithstanding blank a second round
of a deteriorate due to injury.


In both races, Julien Brun (FRA / JB Racing Team) was second on the
lectern behind leader Florian Brunet-Lugardon. Alexandre Leleu (FRA)
was fourth both times. Madjid Idres (FRA / Team ERT Motorshow) and
Pierre Roques (FRA) finished both races in fifth and sixth positions.


The BMW riders were a force of their possess in a 2017 FR EU, taking
a tip 4 positions in a championship standings. Florian and
Cyril Brunet-Lugardon are initial and second, Brun is third and Michel
Amalric (FRA / Tecmas Racing Team) follows in fourth.


Florian Brunet-Lugardon: “It is good to have the
title. we am really happy. Especially that we succeeded in throwing up
after my damage early in a deteriorate that forced me to lay out the
Nogaro races. Cyril unfortunately ran out of fitness this weekend with a
damaged sequence and ensuing automatic problems though altogether a entire
group and family can be happy with a season: initial and second place
in a championship, we can’t design any more!”



South African Motorcycle Road Racing Championship during Red Star
Raceway, South Africa.


The 2017 deteriorate of a South African Motorcycle Road Racing
Championship (RSA SBK) drew to a tighten with another lectern finish for
a BMW rider. The final turn was hold during Red Star Raceway (RSA) during the
weekend. David McFadden (RSA / RPM Center Sandton Auto/BMW Motorrad)
cumulative third place on a soap-box in competition two, after finishing
15th in a initial encounter. Lance Isaacs (RSA / Supabets
Sandton BMW Motorrad) finished a dual final races of a deteriorate in
eighth and seventh positions.



Italian Superbike Championship during Mugello, Italy.


The fifth and penultimate turn of a 2017 Italian Superbike
Championship (CIV) was hold during Mugello Circuit (ITA). Matteo Ferrari
(ITA / DMR Racing) was a top placed BMW rider, finishing the
races in ninth and eighth positions. Lorenzo Lanzi (ITA / Tutapista
Corse) also cumulative a top-ten finish with tenth place in competition one. In
a second race, however, he was one of a many riders who late in
a soppy and wily conditions.



SuperBike Series Brasil during Curitiba, Brazil.


The SuperBike Series Brasil (BRSBK) hold a sixth turn of a 2017
deteriorate during Curitiba (BRA). This time, dual races were contested. Danilo
Lewis (BRA / Tecfil Havoline Racing Team) was a top placed BMW
rider. In a initial race, he missed a lectern usually by one position,
channel a line in fourth. In competition two, Lewis was sixth. Joelsu
“Mitiko” (BRA / JC Racing Team) claimed dual seventh places.