It’s Friday, a day is entrance to an end, and all we can do is watch a clock. Because when 5 finally rolls around, we get to shun a weekly grub and suffer a weekend on your terms. And what’s a good approach to let your hair down or remove a tie? Get out of city of course. We took an Ultimate Weekend Escape from Toronto to Collingwood and behind so check out a video and see if we can mark any informed stops we made.

Our Escape came with accessible facilities like Active Park Assist, a breathtaking sunroof, wireless Bluetooth capabilities, and a foot-activated hands-free energy liftgate. We didn’t leave a city with any clear plans, though we knew we were prepared for roughly anything.

Need a idea as to where we can have an ultimate weekend divided from Toronto though going too far? You can shun to Collingwood and knowledge a accumulation of fun and sparkling outside activities. And saying as it’s only down a 401, we can leave downtown Toronto during 5 on a Friday, have an implausible weekend, and be behind during home Sunday night.

We left Toronto, took a Ford Escape, synced adult some pushing tunes and headed for a 401. Our initial stop was Fernwood Farms and Market where we picked adult some uninformed produce. Then we headed for a hotel, found a good mark right out front and had an early night. The subsequent morning we checked out downtown Collingwood, had an extraordinary breakfast during Café Chartreuse and did a small horseback roving during Mountain View Stables. Then we hiked around Bruce Trail for a while, got behind in a Escape and found a good square of seat during Billy Hill Pine in circuitously Stayner. The good folks during a store didn’t consider we could fit it into a Escape, though we folded down a seats and used a foot-activated hands-free energy liftgate and we had copiousness of room to spare. The subsequent morning we packaged a bags, and headed to Scandinave Spa for a drop in a pool and some relaxation. On a approach behind to a city, we done certain to check out a Scenic Caves and afterwards zipped behind down a mountain. We jumped behind in a Escape, strike a 401 again, and were behind in Toronto by sunset.

Check out a video of a Toronto Ultimate Weekend Escape. Think we missed anything? Know of a fun activity people should knowledge in Collingwood? Use a comments territory below, leave a criticism on Facebook, or send us during Tweet use #ultimateescape.

In sequence to make this video happen, we’d like to send a special interjection to a following businesses who courteously non-stop their doors for a Ford Ultimate Weekend Escape:

Dufferin County Museum

Mountain View Stables

Billy Hill Pine

Fernwood Farms and Market

Café Chartreuse/Coach-house Cafe

TK Ferri Orchards


Scandinave Spa

Olde Red Hen

Scenic Caves

Bridges Tavern