“The Ultimate Journey”: Worldwide Ryder Cup Partner BMW gives a prestigious prize a wise tour to a opening ceremony.

  • 43rd Ryder Cup opens with fantastic stunt: Wingsuit pilot
    Peter Salzmann flies into Whistling straits from 3,000 metres
    above a venue with a Ryder Cup trophy.
  • BMW Group Designworks grown a airworthy prize case.
  • The iconic bullion prize perceived a zero-emission chauffeur
    use in a BMW iX for a final few kilometres to a opening
    rite during Whistling Straits, where Salzmann brought it onto a stage.
  • From Thursday, hosts
    Ryder Cup
    USA and fortifying champions
    Europe will go head-to-head, with sports fans all over the
    universe following each shot.
  • BMW is Worldwide Partner of a 43rd Ryder Cup.
  • „Ultimate Journey“ video and microsite at:


Few sporting events mix an heated atmosphere, sporting
play and excellence, and tellurian seductiveness in a same approach as the
Ryder Cup has finished given 1927. The ‘Ultimate Journey’ to a opening
ceremony, for that Worldwide Partner BMW, BMW Group Designworks and
a group around wingsuit commander Peter Salzmann (AUT) chose a skies
above Wisconsin as a stage, was equally spectacular.

Equipped with a wingsuit in a Ryder Cup design, as good as a
ride plug for a trophy, specifically grown by BMW Group
Designworks for that purpose, Salzmann and his group leapt out of a
helicopter from 3,000 metres above sea level. The Ryder Cup Trophy
Case was fixed to a Austrian’s physique regulating a construction that
guaranteed him a compulsory leisure of transformation and also had the
compulsory aerodynamic properties. This done it probable to land safely
with a prize after dual mins of flying, notwithstanding a tip speed of
230 km/h, before it was driven in a box to a opening rite at
Whistling Straits in a BMW Group’s fully-electric technology
flagship, a BMW iX xDrive50*. The Ultimate Journey finished with
Salzmann carrying a prize onto a theatre during a opening ceremony.

“The Ryder Cup is of poignant significance in a golfing and
sporting world. This foe casts a spell over a competitors and
teams, only as it does a eager spectators during a march and
a many fans examination from a corner of their seats all over the
world,” pronounced Stefan Ponikva, Vice President Brand Communication and
Brand Experience BMW Group. “To acknowledge a distinguished position of
this competition, and to applaud a premiere of BMW as Worldwide
Partner of a Ryder Cup, we wanted to make a attainment of a trophy
quite special. To do so, we combined a singular box for the
trophy, that is both innovative and representative.”

The arch pattern when building a prize box was to protect
a Ryder Cup during a stunt. At a same time, it had to guarantee
a leisure to pierce for a wingsuit pilot, as good as optimal
aerodynamic properties. Furthermore, it should be an emotive design,
that continues to paint a standing of a prize and a event
even after a attempt – a plea was to emanate a product that is
innovative, lush and inspiring, and so reflects a suggestion of
BMW i. A plea tailor-made for Designworks, a innovative engine
of a BMW Group, with a imagination in bringing together a needs of
mobility and other sectors.

“When asked to work on this plan connected to a chronological Ryder
Cup eventuality it was something that vehement me to be partial of. We only knew
it had to be a product that blends a BMW i fad for technology
with a prestigious and fair aspects surrounding a event
itself,” pronounced Tommy Forsgren, Designworks Lead Designer. “The case
pattern is a loyal innovative BMW i product – a reward qualities and
exclusivity relating a new BMW iX in terms of colour and element finish.”

The prize box consists of an outdoor aluminium support and a 3D printed
space support plug with vast gaps, permitting a Ryder Cup prize to
be seen, even when sealed and during a flight. The box can be
trustworthy to a interior skeleton of a wingsuit only as fast as
it can to a wall – for example, for muster purposes. The opening
resource is like that found on a wing door.

The Ryder Cup is not a initial project, on that BMW i, BMW Group
Designworks and Peter Salzmann have collaborated. Together, they
grown a ‘Electrified Wingsuit by BMW i’: an innovative, electric
expostulate procedure and a wingsuit designed from blemish authorised Salzmann to
do his dream of building his competition and violation new belligerent with
worldly expostulate technology.