The sound of the BMW Concept i4.

Munich. The character of the Concept i4 is not only a
product of its design, but also of its visionary sound profile. Hans
Zimmer composed the sound of the BMW Concept i4 together with BMW
sound designer Renzo Vitale under the brand name BMW IconicSounds
Electric. BMW IconicSounds Electric will imbue BMW’s electric models
with extra emotional depth by connecting the driver with the vehicle’s
character on another level through individual tones and sounds.

“Renzo and I were inspired to bring together the past and future of
BMW with the sound for the BMW Concept i4,” explains Zimmer. “We hope
the sound we created is classic yet surprising and has a feeling of
lightness that is fitting for the BMW brand.” The aural repertoire of
the BMW Concept i4 stretches from the driving sounds in the Experience
Mode “Core” to the more intense tones of “Sport”. Acoustic
accompaniments to a door opening and when starting the car are
likewise part of its soundscape.


Sound by Hans Zimmer is the starting signal for electric
driving pleasure.

Hans Zimmer and Renzo Vitale presented the new start/stop sound in
Zimmer’s Santa Monica studio back in November 2019. The ready-to-drive
sound for all-electric BMW models and BMW plug-in hybrids will be
introduced as a standard feature worldwide from July 2020. “The
ability to design the sound in our vehicles makes it possible for us
to spark positive emotions,” says Vitale. “The new start/stop sound is
intended to instil a sense of excitement at the prospect of electric
driving when the customer gets into their vehicle and begins the journey.”


BMW IconicSounds Electric.

The silence of electric drive systems is often cited as a major
benefit of electric mobility. As the choice of electrified models
increases, however, it also means some drivers are missing out on the
emotional appeal of sound. Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President
Customer and Brand BMW: “Sound has always played an important role in
the emotionalisation of our vehicles. Now we are taking the joy of
sheer driving pleasure to a new level and are particularly pleased to
be working with Hans Zimmer to create the new sound world of electric
mobility at BMW. This collaboration will result in our forward-looking
sound offering for electrified vehicles: BMW IconicSounds Electric.”

The BMW Concept i4 drive sound is the second developed for electric
BMW vehicles with Hans Zimmer, following the presentation of the
electric sound for the BMW Vision M NEXT at the #NEXTGen event in
Munich in June 2019. “We have an extraordinary opportunity to turn
electric driving in a BMW into a very special experience with the help
of great sounds,” Zimmer commented in 2019. “I am relishing the
challenge of co-designing the composition for future electric BMWs.”