Gina and her husband Pat Trites have always adored the quiet, country life. They love being surrounded by nature, whether on top of a nearby mountain or on their eight-acre property in Carval, Alberta.

Winter in Carval, Alberta.

Winters can be harsh in Carval, Alberta.

But one of the things that proves challenging when living “off the beaten path” is winter driving. People living in more remote areas in Alberta truly rely on their vehicles to help them arrive safely at their destinations. Gina, who used to own a Mazda, quickly realized that her vehicle was not suitable for every season.

“I couldn’t really use it 90 per cent of the year,” Gina said. While she began experiencing difficulties travelling on the rugged Alberta roads in her Mazda, her husband was also having problems with his Dodge truck.


The Trites decided to do a trade-in and went to Zender Ford, where a deal was quickly arranged. The 2012 Ford F-150 Lariat truck initially caught Gina’s eye – with its unique Golden Bronze colour and special features, she and her husband knew it was the perfect truck for their family.

Gina and Pat were blown away by how far ahead the F-150 was from its competition, at least in their eyes. “When we were looking around, I thought another truck might surprise me, but none did,” Gina said.

Technology and aliens 

Gina enjoys joking about how she feels their family truck is almost “alien.” She can hardly believe the dramatic advancements in technology that are available in her truck.

“Before, I thought my plug-in GPS was cool, but when I saw this truck had a reverse camera, a SYNC system, as well as digital dash display screen, I was blown away,” she said. “The interior just looks really cool. Ford has made leaps and bounds with their technology.”

Special Keys

When asked about her favourite features of the 2012 Ford F-150, Gina says, “I just love the way it looks, it has a great colour that people notice.” She also likes how the truck automatically recognizes each driver by their remote key fob, and automatically adjusts the seat and pedals to their preferred position. With Pat standing about a foot taller than Gina, that feature is a must have to make getting into and out of the F-150 manageable and driving comfortable.

Fords in the family

This past summer Gina and Pat took their first road trip in the F-150. They visited friends on Vancouver Island and enjoyed a comfortable ride in the truck – which happens to be their seventh Ford vehicle.

Gina continues to promote what she calls, “well built vehicles.” Her daughter recently bought a 2013 Ford Escape, and now, Gina is trying to convince her son to buy a Ford as well.

Given the family history, one thinks it shouldn’t take long to convince him.

How many Fords have you owned? What technology is your favourite? Share your story with us in the comments below.