The “R” stands for racing: Beetle R Concept debuts at the Frankfurt Auto Show

The all-new Beetle, set to hit the US market any day now, has Bug fans on the edge of their driver’s seats. But because we love to dream—and inspire you to do so as well—we thought it would be fun to spend some time creating an even sportier model. If the sound of jaws hitting the floor at the 64th International Motor Show in Frankfurt was any indication, we did a pretty bang-up job of it.

The Beetle R Concept is just that—a concept vehicle that combines the flat-out cool factor of the new Beetle with the racing-inspired speed of models like our Golf R. The end result is…well, take a look for yourself.

You’ll see that the bumpers have been widened and redesigned for improved aerodynamics. You’ll also notice the new 20-inch Talladega alloy wheels with five triple spokes, the same design that can be found on the upcoming 2012 Golf R. And don’t miss the matching pair of chrome dual exhaust pipes with a rear diffuser to keep the Beetle R grounded at high speeds (not that you’d ever dream of going above the speed limit in this thing).

Speaking of speed limits, you can keep track of everything this car is doing courtesy of the redesigned instrument panel, which has a central tachometer to keep the most important information front and center. As the revs pulse upward, you‘ll be pushed—oh so comfortably—into the luxurious Nappa leather-upholstered seats embossed with the R logo.

You may also have noticed something else speeding up; that would be your heart rate. Take a few deep breaths—you’ll be fine. And remember: the Beetle R is just a concept at this point, but by all means, dare to dream of the day when it will be available in the US.


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