The photography of Bart Kuykens: analogue adore stories

His photos are a instrument that he uses to harmonise a story. His seven-part book array A Flat 6 Love Affair has a special melody, swapping between shrill and still tones. After 7 volumes and years, a book spines spell out ‘Porsche’ when placed in a row. Bart Kuykens is driven by a passion for analogue photography, and is desirous by a song and pattern of a 1970s. The Belgian local prefers to work alone, since afterwards he can do things his way. When he wants to relax, a father of dual boys likes to get into his 1970 Porsche 911 T and go – enjoying a feeling of being during one with a road. The 46-year-old reveals since he sees borders as hypothetical lines, since he doesn’t worry about things being in pointy concentration and since a art of photography is a like a present for him.

How did we get into photography?

Bart Kuykens: Photography is many some-more than a qualification for me – it is a talent and a good gift. we am assured that everybody who is meddlesome can learn a speculation of photography, though that does not automatically meant that they are a good photographer. we was given a talent to take photos – and gratefully supposed it. we conclude a trust that my protagonists place in me and we adore dire a shiver recover when we have a possibility to constraint a ideal moment.

Outlaw: his Porsche 964 is a tiny louder and faster than some other 911s of a same generation. This is also where a nickname of a former booze businessman Arjan Rietveld comes from: Mr. Bomber.

Strong appearance: Brittney Hamilton is an artist and photographer. An familiarity lent her a 911 for a fire in a feverishness of Palm Springs.

Which is your favourite camera when we are out and about?

Kuykens: At a impulse we use a Hasselblad H1 middle format camera and a Leica R7 for my 35 mm photos. Both brands are a ideal compare for my personality. Some people trust that we can take improved cinema with an costly camera. They maybe feel safer with it. But during a finish of a day it is all about a content.

You take analogue photos and customarily in black and white – is that your heading approach of revelation stories?

Kuykens: For me it is a usually approach to take a utterly good photo. we infrequently work with a digital camera too, though afterwards we quick skip a special ‘wow’ factor. Digital photography is ideal for many situations: it is fast, it is sharp, it has copiousness of megapixels – though usually in analogue form can we constraint a loyal beauty of a moment.

How would we report your style?

Kuykens: My signature character is dim and angular. we never worry about focus, we like a artefacts of film. we usually work with illumination if possible. we always try to constraint a mood.

When did we have a thought for your book array A Flat 6 Love Affair?

Kuykens: I started to take photos of a few friends with their Porsche cars in 2015, such as a 912 of a partner in a Netherlands. After we grown a cinema we was positively anxious and motionless to sketch another Porsche with a owner. And afterwards another one. we couldn’t stop until we had adequate photos for a book. we afterwards motionless on 7 volumes, one for any minute of a brand, one book per year, 7 years of Porsche adore stories.

Will we tell us about your possess Porsche adore affair?

Kuykens: we am not a standard Porsche fan. we adore a cars, we adore a community, we adore a transport and a roads, though many of all we adore it since behind each Porsche there is a chairman with an engaging story. we bought my initial classical car, a VW Karmann-Ghia, in my 20s and sole it dual years later. we had underestimated a using costs. Ten years after my neighbour showed me his Porsche 911 from 1971. we was preoccupied by a 911 – and this feeling has never left me. we bought myself a Carrera 3.2 from 1985 and a few other models. we sole and exchanged copiousness of cars during my hunt for a ideal Porsche. Until we realised during some indicate that we was chasing an illusion. There is no such thing as a one ideal Porsche. Each one has a possess story. we am now pushing a 911 T in GT Silver from 1970 and we am happy with it.

Focused: a building routine and watchful for a negatives still give a photographer goosebumps each time. He loves a grain, a smallest structure of a grown film.

What fascinates we about aged cars?

Kuykens: The form. The story that a automobile tells. And a patina.

Why Porsche?

Kuykens: Because a Porsche is arguable and has a undying design. There is no improved automobile for going on a highway outing with friends and carrying copiousness of fun. we associate freedom, bland usability and sportiness with a Porsche brand. You are always stylish when out pushing a 911. 

If something breaks on your 911 do we correct it yourself?

Kuykens: Under no circumstances. we would always let a veteran take caring of it. we do not have any calm for repairs, so we would disaster all up. However, we would cover a tiny hole with a sticker.

Tension: His cinema live from ideal imperfection. And when asked either he prefers pointy or confused photos, Bart Kuykens opts for a ones that are not in focus. For a consequence of a mood.

What does ‘home’ meant to we – is Belgium a summary of home for you?

Kuykens: No. Belgium is a nation like any other. we only call it home since we grew adult here. we pronounce a denunciation and my children go to propagandize here. But this nation did not make me who we am today. we make my possess universe for myself, my possess kind of home, with a people we like and love. Physical bounds are no some-more than hypothetical lines for me.

Who or what inspires you?

Kuykens: Music, design, pattern and people. we adore a interior pattern of a 1970s. And when it comes to personalities, we am desirous many by people with a sold work ethic. By those who share my motto: get adult early and grasp a lot! As regards photography, we am desirous by Anton Corbijn.

Perfect moment: Bart Kuykens photographed US presenter and comedian Jay Leno for a Vol. 5 emanate of his book series. The 70-year-old spotless his Porsche with a yellow microfibre cloth in between. “I like to constraint genuine life moments,” says a photographer.

Is there something we trust in?

Kuykens: we trust in myself. Miracles do not happen, so we work tough and trust resolutely in myself. Nothing comes from nothing.

What are we now forgetful about?

Kuykens: At a impulse we am forgetful about carrying lunch on a balmy patio in Los Angeles. When it is not about my passion and my work we am unequivocally utterly a dreamer. But on a veteran turn never, since when there is something to do, afterwards we get down to it – and we have no time for dreaming.

What do we regret?

Kuykens: There are a series of things, though somehow they are too pardonable to discuss them here. we cite to quote Frank Sinatra with ‘My Way’ since that is accurately what is standard for me, a approach in that we do things my way.

During a fire with engineer Freeman Thomas, a equine casually forsaken by.

For Yordalys Garcia and Alvaro Rodriguez, founders of @dasrenntreffen, a son is a tip star.

Who would we like to sketch one day?

Kuykens: Definitely Al Pacino and Keith Richards.

Who would be your favourite newcomer for a prolonged journey?

Kuykens: That is formidable and depends on a generation of a trip. But to be honest, we adore being on my possess in a car. After a few hours we strech this smashing state in my conduct where my thoughts are giveaway and we feel during one with a highway – and that’s a good feeling. 


Text initial published in a Porsche Klassik Magazine, No. 19.

Author: Christina Rahmes

Photographer: Bart Kuykens

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