Imagine we had been ill for a while – ill adequate that we can’t transport too distant from a hospital. Then after a lot of tough work, we finally get better, and with some well-deserved good luck, we win a use of a Ford Escape for a weekend. What do we do? Where do we go?

Ask Paul Hand.

Off and on for about 6 years, Paul fought a critical illness. When Paul finally recovered late final year, he and his family won a mini-vacation, including a use of an Escape and $1,000 to spend. The timing of a win was really lucky—he managed to fit in a prolonged weekend outing before returning to work. Paul, his mother Kristal, and their kids Carter and Colton took a Escape to Winterlude in Ottawa.

The family poses in front of a world’s largest skating rink.

“Getting away, relaxing and enjoying this extraordinary pleasing range and country” is really critical to Paul, and this was his initial vital outing after his illness. You can suppose how most a outing meant to Paul and his family.

If you’re going to go on a celebratory highway trip, we have to go in a right car. Tunes on a satellite radio? Check. Navigation complement and other bells and whistles for a newcomer to play with? Check. Heated seats and adequate room for a kids and all their stuff? Check. The Hands desired a Escape. In fact, during a finish of a weekend, a kids asked, “Daddy, we’re going to keep this, right?”

The kids suffer a behind chair of a Ford Escape.

Once in Ottawa, a Hands congested as most fun as they could into each minute. They saw ice sculptures, rode a hulk ice slides during Snowflake Kingdom, took ski lessons, walked along a waterway (Paul forgot his skates), sat in an Olympic bobsled, and even took advantage of all of a fun amenities in a hotel, including a pool and foosball table. Paul told us that he lives “every singular impulse to a fullest since we know how fast it can all go away,” and he wasn’t kidding.

We couldn’t consider of a some-more honourable family than a Hands, and we’re blissful that they got to suffer a weekend Escape.

Carter and Colton suffer a ski lesson.

Love highway trips? Find out because you’d adore a Escape.