Earlier this year we asked a lorry village to tell us because they should be a ones to exam a code new 2015 Ford F-150. And over 13,000 of we responded in waves. We went by some of a toughest hurdles due and came divided with some genuine beauties.

First adult is Brian Schober, a veteran troops exam operative who creates a vital kicking a vital you-know-what out of vehicles in Arizona’s Tonto Desert. This is a male who goes by trucks like candy, so carrying him exam a new F-150 for 36 hours on an 8.5 kilometre lane of tiresome dried seemed like a ideal fit.

So how did a new lorry mount adult opposite a troops exam march in a desert? Check a video to find out.

Sweltering 45-degree temperatures, disproportionate terrain, silt roads and rocks were watchful for Brian and a F-150, though they powered by it all. The vehicle’s new box acerbity and accent authorised it to span vast obstacles with ease. Left to right energy traction control was on full arrangement with a disproportionate highway conditions. And even after 36 hours and over 800 sum kilometres in a impassioned dry heat, a F-150 stood tall.

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