Earlier this year we asked the truck community to tell us why they should be the ones to test the brand new 2015 Ford F-150. And over 13,000 of you responded in waves. We went through some of the toughest challenges proposed and came away with some real beauties.

First up is Brian Schober, a professional military test engineer who makes a living kicking the living you-know-what out of vehicles in Arizona’s Tonto Desert. This is a man who goes through trucks like candy, so having him test the new F-150 for 36 hours on an 8.5 kilometre track of gruelling desert seemed like the perfect fit.

So how did the new truck stand up against a military test course in the desert? Check the video to find out.

Sweltering 45-degree temperatures, uneven terrain, sand roads and rocks were waiting for Brian and the F-150, but they powered through it all. The vehicle’s new box rigidity and articulation allowed it to traverse large obstacles with ease. Left to right power traction control was on full display with the uneven road conditions. And even after 36 hours and over 800 total kilometres in the extreme dry heat, the F-150 stood tall.

Brian Schober walked away impressed, how about you? Share comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter.