The Little Things Make the Biggest Difference: Thoughtful Options in your Ford

The definition of true quality in a vehicle can be found in the details. They show a thoughtful focus on design throughout the engineering and manufacturing process. These small things you may not notice during a test-drive, but as you and your car or truck grow together, you really start to appreciate them. In recent years, we have been paying special attention to these available options to make the driving experience as comfortable, convenient and pleasurable as we can.

Available1 360-degree camera with Split-view Display and washer

360 degree camera

Front- and rear-facing cameras have become more and more common in cars and trucks. We have taken it to the next level – with a 360-degree camera system (to help you see around the vehicle when you are parking or maneuvering at slow speed)2. The front camera is even equipped with a washer sprayer to keep it free of debris. So next time you get your F-150 a bit muddy while doing rugged truck stuff, a spritz of washer fluid will make sure your front camera view will go unobstructed.

Available3 Rear Smart Charging USB ports in the Explorer

Rear Smart Charging USB ports

Many Ford vehicles offer Smart USB ports for rear passengers that will charge their smart devices up to two times faster than traditional USB ports in cars. It may seem like a small convenience, but anything that helps keep restless back-seat passengers amused has the potential to make every trip a little more enjoyable.

Available4 Customizable ambient lighting

Customizable ambient lighting

Feeling blue? Looking for the ultimate act of accessorizing? You can change your car’s ambient lighting to match you mood or outfit. Selecting from a variety of different colour options can give your car – or at least its interior – a whole new look.

A place to put your cup on the tailgate5

A place to put your cup on tailgate

When making the all-new 2015 Ford F-150, one thing we heard from construction workers over and over was that the tailgate didn’t have a flat surface to put their drinks on. The corrugated design of traditional tailgates left workers with spilled drinks and unquenched thirst. The F-150 now has a solution – an available flat area designed specifically to accommodate large bottles full of pop, and thermoses full of piping hot coffee. Seem like a small detail? Tell that to the sweaty, exhausted roofer whose cold, refreshing iced tea spilt all over his tailgate. To him, this is a very big deal.

The Easy Fuel system6

Easy Fuel system

For decades, drivers have fallen victim to the gas cap. Forgetting it on the roof of the car, struggling to get it squarely seated on the first try, trying to figure out how many clicks really means closed, getting your hands greasy and gassy at every fill-up. With the Easy Fuel system, this inconvenience is simply a relic of the past. It also helps avoid splash back, fuel theft, and getting water in the tank.

Available7 Heated and Cooled Seats

Heating and Cooled Seats

If you have ever sat in a car with an air-conditioned seat in the summer before, you know the feeling. At first, “Hmm, why does my seat feel cold?” Then, “Oh, that’s nice.”

Next time you get in your new Ford vehicle, look for the thoughtful options that make the difference between a good car or truck and a great one. The more you look, the more you will appreciate how much thought goes into every Ford vehicle so that every driver has a fabulous driving experience.

1 – 360-degree camera available on select Explorer and F-150 models.
2 – Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s attention, judgment and need to control the vehicle.
3 – Smart charging USB ports are available on the Edge, Escape, Explorer, Expedition, F-150, Fiesta, Flex, Focus, Mustang and Taurus models.
4 – Ambient lighting is available on select models of all vehicles except Super Duty, Transit and Transit Connect.
5 – Tailgate drink surface available on the F-150 model
6 – Easy Fuel is standard on every Ford vehicle sold in Canada EXCEPT for: Super Duty, Transit Connect, Transit and Plug-ins (Fusion Energi, C-Max Energi or Focus Electric)
7 – Available on the Edge, Expedition, Explorer, F-150, Super Duty, Flex, Fusion and Mustang models