Robin Esrock loves a good bucket list; in fact, he’s dedicated his life to them. After a fateful bicycle accident left him with a hefty settlement, Robin began crossing off exciting things to see and do in over 100 countries, and detailing his adventures for publications around the world including National Geographic, The Globe and Mail, and The Guardian.

Robin Esrock’s book, The Great Canadian Bucket List

Robin Esrock’s book, The Great Canadian Bucket List. It contains 400 pages of “I can’t believe that’s my country!”

But there was one place he had yet to explore: his own backyard.

“I decided I could no longer be a stranger to Canada, and so I set out to list the essential destinations in this wonderful land. The result was The Great Canadian Bucket List,” Esrock said.  

What Robin discovered is that Canada’s bucket list is as vast as its borders. This fall, we’ve given him an aptly named Ford Escape to drive from Victoria to Ottawa. And he’ll be taking it further by visiting communities across Canada to speak about his bucket list experiences, his current adventure and the truck he’s doing it with.

“We can’t wait to drive through the Rockies, watch the mountains turn to prairies and the prairies to boreal forest,” he said. “We can’t wait to discover the people and places that make Canada the incredible nation it is.”

You can follow Robin’s journey online, or come see us in person at one of his tour stops and get inspired to start knocking things off your own bucket list.

Is there any Canadian experience on your bucket list right now? Tell us about it in the comments.

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