The Future At Toyota Is Electrified, Explore Your Options to Find Your Lifestyle Match At The 2020 Montréal International Auto Show


MONTREAL, QUEBEC – JANUARY 16, 2020 – Discover a universe of foundation during a Toyota vaunt during a 2020 Montréal International Auto Show. Canadians will get their initial demeanour – adult tighten and personal – during a quickest, many absolute and electrified RAV4 … and a mid-size SUV that is fuel-efficient but compromising on opening – and a full operation of fun to drive, stylish and protected Toyota coupes, sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, SUVs, minivan and pick-up trucks.

Consumers have never been some-more prepared to welcome a design, opening and fuel-efficiency of a electrified line-up,” pronounced Cyril Dimitris, Vice-President, Toyota Canada Inc. “Today we are gratified to broach dual additional electrified models – a 2021 RAV4 Prime and 2020 Highlander Hybrid – to a Toyota choice and place them on vaunt here in Montreal.”

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime – Canadian premiere

This new RAV4 Prime is a many fun-to-drive nonetheless and is built on a same Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) height as a current-generation RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid. With an estimated 302 horsepower during a driver’s command, a RAV4 Prime will be a many absolute in a compress SUV segment. An acceleration time from 0-96 km/h in usually 5.8 seconds – creates RAV4 Prime a second-quickest car in a Toyota line-up, after a GR Supra. RAV4 Prime also delivers a all-weather certainty of advanced, electronic on-demand all-wheel-drive, and a manageable doing of a sport-tuned suspension.

It’s also Toyota’s initial North American plug-in-hybrid RAV4, that means it will broach implausible fuel efficiency, estimated during usually 2.6Le homogeneous per 100 kilometers. With a battery-only operation of 60 kilometers, drivers will be means to make many daily trips but regulating a dump of gasoline. When a longer highway outing beckons, RAV4 Prime seamlessly transforms into a full gasoline-electric hybrid car – so there’s never any worry about anticipating a charging station.

From acceleration to efficiency, RAV4 Prime redefines what an SUV can be – even as it provides a comfort, flexibility and space that has done RAV4 Toyota’s many renouned indication in Canada. The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime goes on sale after this year.

2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid – Canadian premiere

This is a initial Highlander Hybrid to be built regulating a TNGA – giving it many advantages over a prior generations. Performance upgrades embody extended agility, a tighter branch circle, and a smoothest and quietest float yet. TNGA also liberates a Highlander Hybrid’s design, giving it a some-more absolute position and a modern, worldly opinion while still easy adult to 8 people in comfort and style.

The 2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid delivers considerable opening and implausible efficiency. Its all-new hybrid complement boasts a 19 per cent alleviation in fuel potency over a indication it replaces – even as it generates roughly as many complement energy as a gasoline-powered cousin. The new Highlander Hybrid is not usually a many fit Highlander to date – it’s also now some-more fit than many gas-powered compress sedans and is approaching to tip a shred in fuel efficiency.

The 2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid goes on sale after this year.

Other highlights

In further to these dual vehicles, a Toyota vaunt will showcase a company’s full operation of models. These embody fun-to-drive, fun-to-own sedans, coupes and hatchbacks… and stylish and versatile crossovers and minivans… and ready-for-anything SUVs and pick-up trucks.

Visit a Toyota counter to Start Your Impossible with Toyota as a 2020 year begins. Along with a choice of products, visitors can also try Showroom 360, a commander plan by Toyota that aims to move a digital knowledge to a sell stores and raise a selling knowledge for consumers. At a Toyota counter learn about innovative Toyota technologies including a modernized reserve technologies in Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, a world’s many renouned and proven hybrid powertrains, and a absolute nonetheless discerning communications comforts of Connected Services by Toyota.

The Montréal International Auto Show runs Jan 17-26, 2020 during a Palais des congrès.

About Toyota Canada Inc.

Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) is a disdainful Canadian distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Toyota has sole over 8 million vehicles in Canada by a inhabitant network of 287 Toyota and Lexus dealerships. Toyota is dedicated to bringing safety, quality, dependability and trustworthiness to a vehicles Canadians expostulate and a use they receive. TCI’s conduct bureau is located in Toronto, with informal offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Halifax, and tools placement centres in Toronto and Vancouver. Toyota operates dual prolongation comforts in Canada. Having constructed some-more than 8 million vehicles, renouned Canadian models built during these comforts embody Toyota RAV4, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Lexus RX 350 and RX 450h hybrid. Recent investments during a comforts in Ontario will concede for increasing prolongation of a top-selling Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid models.