The Federal Minister of Economy, Sigmar Gabriel, visits MAN Diesel & Turbo

On 29 Jul 2014, a German Federal Minister of Economy and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel, visited MAN Diesel Turbo SE during a corporate domicile in Augsburg. In meetings with Dr. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen, CEO of MAN SE, and Dr. Hans-O. Jeske, Chief Technology Officer of MAN Diesel Turbo SE, Gabriel discussed a intensity advantages and hurdles of industrial on-site appetite era as good as a ubiquitous mandate and technical possibilities of environmentally accessible shipping. Whilst visiting a production, Sigmar Gabriel was tender by a state of a art diesel and gas engines of a normal company: “MAN is a association with an considerable history, where technological imagination and pointing work are of pinnacle importance,” pronounced Sigmar Gabriel. “This shows once some-more because a automatic engineering ’Made in Germany’, enjoys such a worldwide reputation.”

As guest of MAN Diesel Turbo, Augsburg Mayor Kurt Gribl (CSU), a Member of Parliament Ulrike Bahr (SPD), Hansjörg Durz (CSU) and Dr. Volker Ullrich (CSU) and a Augsburg IG Metall CEO Michael Leppek accompanied a revisit of a Federal Minister.

The talks centered on a company’s products for decentralized appetite prolongation and a significance of industrial on-site appetite generation. “At MAN, we cruise a decentralization of appetite era as a pivotal post of a appetite transition. Examples of this are a gas engines that are used in total heat-power plants. The industrial on-site heat-power era is essential for reaching a German and European potency targets in energy,” pronounced Dr. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen, CEO of MAN SE. “The appetite turnaround has entered a majority phase. The vital plea is no longer in a growth of renewable energies, yet in a fit formation of all compulsory technologies into a finish system. It contingency be probable to well use technologies that make an critical complement contribution. Therefore, a concentration should continue to be placed on properties such as flexibility, storage ability and feverishness utilization” 

The assembly also discussed technologies for environmentally accessible shipping and a acclimatisation of a nautical attention to fuel gas. “Our dual-fuel engines that can use both glass and gaseous fuels play an critical purpose in a rebate of emissions and are now increasingly in demand”, pronounced Dr. Hans-O. Jeske, Chief Technology Officer of MAN Diesel Turbo. “Thus, gas can settle itself as an environmentally accessible fuel, however, a construction of a arguable supply infrastructure during a ports contingency be guaranteed. Germany should launch a flagship plan in tighten team-work between politicians and nautical industry.”

In a MAN training center, where now some-more than 300 apprentices from MAN Diesel Turbo, Renk and other partner companies are being lerned in eleven industrial record professions, Sigmar Gabriel spoke to a trainees about their practice and skeleton for a destiny and stressed a significance of ensuring learned labour. “MAN is heading by instance in sequence to safeguard a era of learned workers with high-quality and unsentimental training,” Sigmar Gabriel said. “It is critical to yield immature people with a viewpoint yet sparkling training whilst, during a same time, scheming immature experts in automatic engineering, that is a pivotal zone of German industry.”

MAN apprentices frequently grasp tip outlines in their final exams in inhabitant comparison. In Sep 2014, over 100 trainees will start their careers in a MAN training center.