The cleanest rental you’ll ever drive: Hertz adds Jetta TDI to its fleet

When you travel, you often miss the comforts of home: your pillow, the couch with a you-shaped imprint on it, or maybe the restaurant where they greet you by name. But thanks to Hertz, travelers can now find comfort in knowing that they’re minimizing their impact on the environment.

Hertz, the world’s largest car rental brand, recently added the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Clean Diesel to its Green Traveler Collection. Not unlike our own Think Blue philosophy, Hertz has a goal of helping to make sustainable mobility a reality. They’re the first rental car company to offer a clean diesel vehicle for rent in the US, and we’re honored that they chose one of ours. The company plans to make the Jetta TDI available in select off-airport locations.

The Jetta TDI is both fuel-efficient and fun to drive, averaging 42 MPG on the highway with a range of 600 miles per tank. It also generates 236 lb./ft. of torque and produces 90% less air pollution than diesels of the past. Go ahead—rent one. You might end up wanting to drive one every day.

Tell us: will you rent a Jetta TDI on your next trip?


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