The BMW Group and Pirelli together with Birdlife International trigger plan to minister to defence Indonesia’s healthy ecosystem

Munich, Milan, Cambridge. The BMW Group and Pirelli
are fasten with Birdlife International in a 3 year devise that
aims to preference a long-term prolongation of tolerable and
deforestation-free healthy rubber in Indonesia. Birdlife
International – an NGO that preserve tellurian biodiversity, habitats
and birds – will be upheld by a dual new partners in actions to
advantage internal communities, a charge of a healthy ecosystem
and insurance of involved animal class in a forests of
Indonesia. In Indonesia, a devise is implemented by a array of
non-governmental organisations concurrent by a internal consortium PT
Restorasi Ekosistem Indonesia (PT Reki). In Indonesia, a cultivation
of healthy rubber is one of a normal sources of income for the
internal population.

The devise is located in partial of a Hutan Harapan rainforest
(island of Sumatra), that is home to around 1,350 opposite animal
species. It will take a form of a array of initiatives directed at
improving a peculiarity of life of a inland community
by safeguarding farmers’ land rights and compelling women’s
rights, conserving a deforestation-free area of 2,700
hectares and safeguarding several involved species
. The
opposite activities will be implemented in line with a goals of the
Global Platform of Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), the
multi-stakeholder height for a tolerable expansion of the
healthy rubber business, of that a BMW Group, Pirelli and Birdlife
International are owner members.

The partnership between a BMW Group and Pirelli in support of
Indonesia’s Hutan Harapan timberland is partial of a corner pathway to
tolerable healthy rubber. In this context, Pirelli grown and
constructed a initial tyre in a world, a Pirelli P ZERO, approved by
a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), propitious on a new BMW X5
Plug-in-Hybrid, in spin a initial automobile in a universe versed with tyres
with this certification. 



The devise presented by Pirelli, a BMW Group and Birdlife
International foresees a impasse of a array of stakeholders:
internal communities, supervision agencies and a whole healthy rubber
value chain.

The 3 year module entails mixed activities, including:

  • Agroforestry approach in a context of natural
    rubber, as promoted by a GPSNR, to optimize a relationship
    between production, income diversification by varying crops in the
    same area, preserve biodiversity, dirt fertility, capitalization of
    resources from a turn indicate of perspective and CO sequestration.
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP): training courses
    for smallholders on good cultivation and camp management
    practices, in support of a environment, capability and
    alleviation of smallholders’ vital and operative conditions.
  • Local village engagement: involving farmers’
    families active in a area to identify, guarantee honour for and
    insurance of their unreasoning rights.
  • Forest protection:  a monitoring and approach checks
    of a timberland area by wardens, drones and satellite control technologies.
  • Female empowerment: workshops for women to develop
    skills with a perspective to eventually occupying intensity new roles, with
    sole courtesy to activities connected to a sustainable
    supervision of healthy rubber and a insurance of biodiversity and forests.
  • Care and insurance of animals: census holding and
    monitoring of animal class many during risk such as a Sumatran
    tiger, Helmeted Hornbill, Greater Green Leafbird and Agile gibbon,
    with a impasse of internal communities in active timberland and
    biodiversity insurance roles.
  • Traceability and use of tolerable healthy rubber:
    creation of a healthy rubber Growers’ Cooperative to permit
    a approach supply of healthy rubber from a communities to the
    estimate plants in a region; introduction of support for
    a traceability of a rubber from camp to processor.


Birdlife International will coordinate with Pirelli and a BMW Group
on a project’s swell and formula achieved by a devise of
periodic reporting.


“As a reward manufacturer, a idea is to lead a approach on
sustainability and actively take shortcoming within a supply

In a quarrel opposite meridian change, we are rolling out targeted
measures to support bio-diversity and pleasant rainforest
conservation,” pronounced

Dr Andreas Wendt, BMW AG Board Member for Purchasing and
Supplier Network.

“Our devise in Indonesia will assistance people and a internal economy
to work in larger peace with nature. At a same time, it will
also support internal communities by professionalising their
normal cultivation methods for healthy rubber.”


Giovanni Tronchetti Provera, Pirelli’s Senior Vice President
for Sustainability and Future Mobility, said:
expansion of this devise is formed on a beliefs of
clarity and tangibility that have always guided Pirelli’s
actions. Together with BMW Group, in support of a goals of
Birdlife we intend to be an active partial of a devise that aims to
have a tolerable impact all turn on healthy rubber, in a belief
that community, biodiversity and business contingency grow by supporting
any other, formulating a common socio-environmental value.”


Patricia Zurita, CEO, BirdLife International,
commented: “BirdLife works over class and sites to address
systemic drivers of a biodiversity and meridian crisis, and promote
a inlet certain and CO neutral world. This is because we joined
a GPSNR and acquire this partnership with Pirelli and BMW to
hide practices to guarantee inlet within a rubber value chain”.






BirdLife International is a world’s largest inlet conservation
partnership, with 117 Partners. Our purpose is to preserve global
biodiversity, habitats and birds, operative with people and business
in a tolerable use of natures’ resources.  To surprise and advance
evidence-based business process and practice, we offer a resources of
exclusive information and tools, yield science-based conference and
have boots on a belligerent in 115 countries. Globally, a scholarship and
biodiversity information surprise general process dialogue, and in the
margin of ‘environment ecology’, BirdLife is ranked #1 in the
UK for high impact research. Locally, a Partners yield acute
discernment during both a landscape and village turn of issues and
solutions and have a legitimacy to rivet and disciple during all
levels of government.



Pirelli places tolerable expansion during a heart of a own
growth, along a whole value chain.

The tolerable supervision of a healthy rubber supply sequence has
seen Pirelli committed to a roadmap of activities formed on training
and a pity of good practices in a countries where the
element originates. This is in line with a beliefs and values
collected in a Policy
for a Sustainable Management of Natural Rubber
that the
association launched in 2017 and updated in 2021. The Policy is the
outcome of consultations with pivotal stakeholders in a healthy rubber
value sequence including general NGOs, Pirelli’s categorical suppliers
of healthy rubber, intermediaries and growers of a supply chain,
automotive clients and multi-lateral general organizations. In
addition, Pirelli is one of a owner members of a Global
Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), a multi-stakeholder
height innate in 2018 with a idea of ancillary a sustainable
expansion of a healthy rubber business during a tellurian level, to
a advantage of a whole value chain. Uniting sustainability and
innovation, Pirelli is a initial association in a universe to have
constructed a line of tyres with healthy rubber and rayon both
approved by a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).



With a 4 brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, the
BMW Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of automobiles
and motorcycles and also provides reward financial and mobility
services. The BMW Group prolongation network comprises 31 production
and public comforts in 15 countries; a association has a global
sales network in some-more than 140 countries.

In 2020, a BMW Group sole over 2.3 million newcomer vehicles
and some-more than 169,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before tax
in a financial year 2020 was € 5.222 billion on revenues amounting
to € 98.990 billion. As of 31 Dec 2020, a BMW Group had a
workforce of 120,726 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association set a march for the
destiny during an early theatre and consistently creates sustainability and
fit apparatus supervision executive to a vital direction,
from a supply sequence by prolongation to a finish of a use phase
of all products.