"The Best Cars of 2012": first place for the Audi A1 and Audi A4/A5

The readers of the automotive magazine auto motor und sport (ams) have cast their votes and chosen the “Best Cars of 2012.” Overall victory in the small car category went to the Audi A1, while the Audi A4/A5 claimed overall victory among midsize vehicles. The awards were presented today in Stuttgart.

Audi models are once again enjoying great popularity this year among the readers of Europe’s highest circulation automotive magazine. Among the 311 models from all brands for which votes could be cast, Audi claimed overall victory twice with the A1 in the small car category and the A4/A5 in the midsize segment. A total of 37.9 percent of participating readers voted for the A1 while 24.9 percent voted the A4/A5 into first place.

The Audi A8 took second place in the luxury class (20.1 percent), as did the A6/A7 in the upper midsize category (29.5 percent) and the R8 Spyder in the convertibles segment (11.1 percent).

Among the sports cars, the Audi R8 took an excellent third place (12.6 percent), while the Audi A3 also came in third among all midsize models (13.0 percent).

2012 marked the 36th edition of the reader poll, in which 116,000 readers of the magazine took part this year. Votes could be cast for a total of 311 models in ten classes.


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