You’re trapped in your car for hours with no way of escaping. Sadly, you’re not alone – the person next to you somehow pushes all your angry buttons, and the road trip has just begun! Why (indeed, why?) do some passengers still think it’s OK to drive you to distraction and trigger road rage?

On your next journey, to make sure you’re paired with a likeable copilot, the Ford Blog presents its list of the worst types of passengers. Do you recognize someone you know? We sure hope not!

(Also, for fear of offending any human beings, we’ve depicted the passengers as animals.)

5. Debby Downers


They whine about everything, and are usually long-winded. Nothing can stop them from droning on about the traffic, the car’s temperature, the lack of parking spaces, the state of the roads, etc.

What we’d like to say to them: *Turns radio up to full volume* Huh? What’s that? I can’t hear you.

4. Scaredy cats


They look like they have restless leg syndrome, and think that pretending to brake from thier passenger seat will make the car brake.

What we’d like to say to them: Chill! I see the red lights too!

3. Hyper-caffeinated squirrels


Always on high alert, they have the attention span of gnat’s life. They’re always cranking up the volume, commenting on every email they receive on their smartphone, texting everybody, rolling down the window, taking a picture of the road, changing the music every two seconds, eating, blowing their nose, wanting your attention, putting feet on the dash, etc.

What we’d like to say to them: I beg you, please relax and breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…

2. The lazy sloths


They sleep the whole trip, ssshhh you every time you turn up the radio, are no help with directions or keeping the driver awake.

What we’d like to say to them: Wake up!

1.The backseat barkers


They pretend to know the way to every destination and won’t be satisfied unless we follow THEIR directions.

What we’d like to say to them: Please stop, or YOU take the wheel!

Did we forget to mention a type of annoying passenger that you’ve encountered? Let us know in the comments!