SYNC Matters: New SYNC Website Highlights How and Why Ford Technology Is Making Lives Better

  • Ford Motor Company has launched a new, easier-to-use website that is focused on all things SYNC®, the voice-activated, in-vehicle connectivity system
  • Owner experience videos on the new website feature customers talking about the role SYNC plays in staying in touch, driver assistance, entertainment and safety
  • SYNC is installed in more than 3 million Ford cars and trucks

DEARBORN, Mich., Sept. 22, 2011 – The new Ford SYNC website,, is designed to help visitors understand how and why SYNC® matters by enhancing the instructional approach of the original site with a more experiential feel.

Ford web designers said they built the easy-to-use and understand website for anyone interested in SYNC – from those shopping for a SYNC-equipped Ford car or truck who want to know more about the technology to those who have it already.

Since the introduction of SYNC in the 2008 Ford Focus, Ford has installed the system on more than 3 million vehicles. Ford’s entire North American retail lineup offers this must-have technology, demonstrating its rapid, consumer-driven adoption.

“What we’ve tried to do is deliver a simpler and more intuitive way for consumers to understand the benefits of SYNC,” said Cole Buccafurri, Ford Digital Marketing Communications. “It’s delivering contextually relevant information to them at the right time. If they’re an owner and want educational material, it’s right there. If they’re a shopper and just want to know about SYNC, it’s all right there, too.”

It starts with the SYNC homepage that contains owner experience videos. Customers featured in the videos talk about the benefits of SYNC and address four areas that those familiar with SYNC said are most important to them: staying in touch, driver assistance, entertainment and peace of mind.

The video addressing peace of mind centers on SYNC 911 Assist™, a feature activated in the event of an accident in which an airbag deploys and/or the fuel pump shutoff is activated. SYNC 911 Assist connects occupants of the vehicle with a 911 operator and also can provide exact vehicle location.

The video features a man named Eric S., from Atlanta, who talks about his daughter, Katie, driving a Ford Fiesta equipped with 911 Assist. He describes the intense fear he had when she was involved in an accident driving a car that wasn’t equipped with 911 Assist. He describes an overall feeling of greater assurance knowing his daughter is driving the 911 Assist-equipped car.

Other experiential videos on the homepage include: 

  • “SYNC. Confidence on unfamiliar routes.” William S., of Phoenix, talks about how SYNC helps him in his job. He says he was born in 1942 and doesn’t use technologies such as email or MP3s. However, because of the ease of use of SYNC Services he identifies it as “technology for me”
  • “SYNC. Effortlessly make calls (and plans) hands-free.” Aisha P., of Atlanta, talks about how she planned an entire surprise 30th birthday party for her husband using SYNC’s many features that allow for easy and convenient connection
  • “SYNC. Voice control your soundtrack.” Joseph V., of Phoenix, talks about how the SYNC system allows him to continue his passion for music and dance while in his car. The many entertainment options available to him make driving a much more enjoyable experience due in part to the fast and easy access to his electronically stored music, among other reasons

Additional videos from SYNC owners, describing the great benefits the system affords them, will be added soon.

“We are continually improving the SYNC experience and this new website is reflective of those efforts,” said Michelle Moody, manager, Ford Technology Marketing. “The new site brings all of the information about SYNC together in one nice package.”

Information about SYNC 911 Assist is included under the “Features” tab on the top of the main SYNC homepage. A total of 14 SYNC elements are listed under “Features,” providing site visitors simple and easy-to-navigate information on everything from SYNC AppLink, SYNC Services and Voice-Activated Navigation to audible text messaging, Vehicle Health Report and entertainment. Information about each specific feature is described through a combination of written material and videos.

Clicking on the “Configurations” tab on the homepage leads guests to an explanation of the elements contained within the four available SYNC packages. Basic SYNC, SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation, SYNC with MyFord® and SYNC with MyFord Touch® are all described. Also available under the “Configurations” tab is a chart detailing SYNC options available for each Ford vehicle.

The “Commands” tab takes guests to an animated page where some of the most popular voice commands that can be used with SYNC are showcased. Site visitors can click on the commands to see descriptions of what happens when specific voice commands are given. For example, clicking on the command, “I’m hungry,” informs guests that if they said that phrase while driving, SYNC would provide a list of nearby restaurants.

“SYNC’s voice recognition capabilities continue to expand and the technology now is able to recognize more than 10,000 words,” said Buccafurri. “The expanded vocabulary of SYNC just makes it that much easier for drivers to keep their hands on the wheel.”

And if SYNC website guests need further information, it can be accessed by clicking on “Support.” The “Support” tab features such topics as getting started with SYNC, connecting a mobile phone to SYNC and SYNC software updates.


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