Sustainably constructed and rarely individual: BMW M4 tiny array takes figure regulating new paint process

 +++ BMW Group Plant Dingolfing pilots new paint
routine +++ Overspray-free paint concentration opens adult a far-reaching operation of
possibilities for customisation +++ Unique multiple of customer
advantages and sustainability +++ Technology boosts both apparatus and
appetite potency +++


Munich / Dingolfing. BMW Group Plant Dingolfing is
piloting a new overspray-free portrayal routine that allows several
paint colours to be used and designs to be practical though stencils or
masking a vehicle. The rarely innovative concentration routine not only
increases a grade of individualisation for customers, though also
contributes to sustainability by shortening rubbish and energy
consumption. The record is being used for a initial time in 19 BMW
M4 Coupés, that will shortly hurl off a prolongation line during Plant
Dingolfing with tradition two-tone paintwork and M4 marker on the
carp and tailgate.


Milan Nedeljković, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
obliged for Production: “We design a top standards of
efficiency, sustainability and digitalisation from a production.
This intelligent portrayal record meets all a mandate for an
innovative prolongation routine and also offers singular patron benefits.”


The BMW Group grown a new EcoPaintJet Pro concentration process
for waterborne bottom coats and 2K transparent cloak in partnership with
automatic and plant engineering organisation Dürr. In a conventional
procedure, paint is atomised by a rotating bell with 35 to 55,000
revolutions per notation and adheres electrostatically to a body. The
new routine works though electrostatics, relying instead on jet
application. The paint is practical regulating an entrance image that enables
high corner clarification with a non-static paint density of between 1 and
appr. 50 millimetres. This requires limit pointing from both the
drudge and concentration technology. It also means dual opposite colours
of paint can be used, e.g. for a resisting roof, and stripes and
other designs practical – for instance, on a bonnet. The concentration of
record and element growth was on achieving a limit range
of applications. It will now be probable to paint each exterior
member – charity business probably vast options for individualisation.


Until now, tradition designs like this can usually be realised regulating manual
masking. With a new technology, a element and crew costs
this formerly entailed will be eliminated, creation it probable to
comprehend these options during a reduce cost. This innovative routine also
prevents supposed overspray, i.e. additional paint particles, which
therefore no longer has to be likely of. A serve grant to
tolerable prolongation comes from reduce appetite consumption: Since
paint subdivision is no longer required, a volume of atmosphere indispensable is
also lower. At around 7,000 handling hours, this formula in energy
assets of some-more than 6,000 megawatt hours and reduces a carbon
footprint by scarcely 2,000 tonnes per year. Development of innovative
paint record for serve array applications will continue.


With a paintwork for a M4 tiny series, a BMW Group is testing
a possibilities of a new process. These singular vehicles will
primarily be used in a company’s possess fleet. Series introduction of
a piloted paint routine is scheduled to start in 2022 in a BMW
Group prolongation network.