Sustainable transport continues to be the focus of Scania’s sustainability report


“Our industry’s challenge is to deliver value sustainably”

Scania’s 2012 online sustainability report outlines how sustainability has been further integrated into Scania’s business strategy during the year. The report underlines that Scania wants to lead in shaping a sustainable future for the transport industry. It highlights how Scania works in partnerships with actors in the transport value chain to minimize impacts in logistics and the distribution of goods, as well as through its bus systems provide safe, accessible and affordable personal mobility choices.

“Sustainability is a condition for expanding our business and building a viable future for our industry” says Martin Lundstedt, Scania’s President and CEO. “Our industry’s challenge is to deliver value sustainably – above all by decoupling transport growth from growth in CO2 emissions. For Scania, the answer is sustainable growth: sustainable transport is profitable transport.”

2012 highlights:

  • Scania substantially increased its sales of Ecolution by Scania vehicles (more than 600 in 2012). Ecolution by Scania is a toolbox offering that helps customers dramatically reduce cost and emissions of CO2 while improving road safety.
  • Scania declared its support for the ten universally accepted principles of the United Nations Global Compact concerning human rights, labour relations, environment and anti-corruption.
  • Scania joined the Battle of the Numbers initiative, working with nine of Sweden’s largest companies to boost the share of women in operational management positions.
  • Scania strengthened its stakeholder dialogue and revised its materiality process to include more actors and a deeper analysis of trends, drivers and relevant issues to even better prioritise Scania’s most important sustainability issues.
  • Scania was included in the CDP Nordic leaders index and listed among Corporate Knights’ Global 100 most sustainable companies in the world.

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