Sustainable mobility for everyone: MINI ELECTRIC shows a way.

Munich/Lisbon. Electromobility is conquering city
traffic. And a new MINI Cooper SE (combined fuel consumption:
0.0 l/100 km; sum electricity consumption: 16.8 –
14.8 kWh/100 km; sum CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) will finally allow
a pushing fun so standard of a code to be gifted with local
zero-emission mobility in civic environments. MINI ELECTRIC is raising
a form of tolerable mobility during a marketplace launch for the
all-electric indication of a British reward code in a Portuguese
collateral of Lisbon. The glamour emanating from electric mobility is
being symbolised in a really special approach regulating absolute searchlights
connected to open charging stations in a city as their impressive
cones of light are destined into a night sky. The light uncover is
raised a really transparent message: There’s no necessity of charging
points. MINI ELECTRIC is display a track to them and highlighting
their availability: The ideal time has now come to send to local
emission-free mobility.

The plcae for a fantastic uncover put on by MINI ELECTRIC was
comparison with care. The European Commission has comparison Lisbon as the
“Green Capital of Europe 2020”. The capital on a Atlantic coast
has competent for a endowment with a vast series of initiatives on
improving environmental conditions and a peculiarity of life in the
city. A sum of some-more than 500 open charging points gives Lisbon one
of a world’s densest networks for provision electricity to electric
vehicles. And a city management is apropos increasingly committed to
internal emission-free mobility. 39 percent of a metropolitan swift is
already done adult of electric vehicles.

The eventuality is being staged by MINI ELECTRIC in team-work with
Lisbon’s city management and it is strong on a middle city and
3 civic districts along a Atlantic coast. It utterly literally
highlights a perfect firmness of a network of charging points and
thereby demonstrates a glorious conditions for electric driving.
The light cones projected into a sky by a searchlights vigilance that
drivers of electrically powered automobiles are means to assign the
high-voltage battery commissioned in their vehicle during probably every
travel corner. The light uncover was designed in tighten partnership with
a Portuguese air-safety authorities so as to bar any impacts on
atmosphere traffic.

Lisbon is being remade into a guide for many cities where
poignant swell has recently been achieved in a enlargement of
a charging infrastructure. Across Europe there is now a network of
some-more than 170 000 open charging points for electric vehicles.
Parallel growth is saying battery-cell record achieving a
solid boost in range. As a consequence, a new MINI Cooper SE
advantages from specific record designed into a indication in a form
of a high-voltage battery located low in a building of a vehicle and
configured to broach a operation of between 235 and 270 kilometres. The
vehicle offers accurately a same space for passengers and container as the
conventionally powered MINI 3-door automobile.

Meanwhile, a pushing fun offering in a new MINI Cooper SE is
positively unique, delivered by an electric engine packing
135 kW/184 hp and generating extemporaneous growth of power. It can
accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h in 3.9 seconds and sprints to 100 km/h
in only 7.3 seconds. And there’s no check when a high-voltage
battery is being charged up. The horse for a new MINI Cooper SE
allows direct-current quick-charging stations to be used along with a
refresher of a appetite pot with appetite of adult to 50 kW. This means
that a high-voltage battery can be charged to 80 percent of total
ability within only 35 minutes.

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