Sustainable from start to finish: BMW Outdoor Ambassador Stefan Glowacz completes his latest speed with outing in a BMW i3.

Munich. Stefan Glowacz has reached his destination.
After 3 months on a almighty ice, severe seas and high rockfaces,
a impassioned traveller and BMW Outdoor Ambassador has finished his
longest tour to date. The speed “Coast to Coast”
was dedicated to tolerable mobility. Glowacz (53) assimilated army with
immature climbing talent Philipp Hans and photographer Thomas Ulrich to
cranky a almighty ice of a island of Greenland travelling by kite
sled. The tour to and from Greenland was also emissions-free:
Glowacz crossed a Atlantic on a sailing boat, and for a initial and
a final theatre between Munich and a Scottish pier of Mallaig the
contingent trafficked in dual quite electrically powered BMW i3 (combined
fuel consumption: 0.0 l/100 km; total energy consumption:
13.6 – 13.1 kWh/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 0 g/km).

Glowacz and his companions set off on their outing from BMW Welt in
Munich, after that they not usually crossed a inclement seas of the
Atlantic though also a ice plateau of Greenland during an altitude of over
3 000 metres. With halt stops to assign a high-voltage batteries,
a wholly packaged BMW i3 carried a adventurers and their equipment
giveaway of internal emissions around Holland and Belgium to Scotland, where the
14.5-metre steel yacht “Santa Maria” was prepared and waiting.
A low-pressure complement during a thoroughfare to Iceland and icebergs on
a approach to Disko Bay meant that even channel to Greenland was quite
an ordeal. The stand adult a 700-metre high Greenland ice sheet,
situated nearby to a coast, incited out to be some-more difficult than
expected. The contingent afterwards took some 30 days to cranky a island from
west to east, covering a stretch of some-more than 1 000 kilometres. The
adventurers’ report was regularly disrupted by temperatures as low
as reduction 40 degrees as good as days but breeze that prevented them
from regulating a kite to lift a sled.

Finally, inauspicious continue conditions put paid to their designed first
stand of a rockface during Scoresby Sound. Glowacz and Hans had to call
off their stand attempt. “Too cold, too most sleet and an icy
wind,” pronounced a veteran mountaineer, “so there was no
possibility to climb.” To make adult for this, a group was means to enjoy
a opposite kind of healthy philharmonic on a approach behind to Iceland:
northern lights supposing a acquire change during nightly helm duty
on house a “Santa Maria”. After this, another violent
charge and alpine waves adult to 6 metres high impressively
demonstrated a army of inlet off a seashore of Scotland, once
again loitering a crossing. By contrast, a final theatre of a trip
on a highway ran wholly to schedule. Covering a stretch of some
2 000 kilometres from Mallaig to Munich, a adventurers were means to
demeanour behind over what they had gifted in a prior weeks and months.

For years now, Stefan Glowacz has undertaken fantastic expeditions
in that he has regularly come adult opposite a army of inlet –
always in a approach that is concordant with a environment. In a same
approach as he does but technical aids when doing giveaway climbing, he
especially uses his possess flesh energy when he travels to a rockfaces he
climbs, distant private from tellurian civilisation. So a choice of
travel was an critical aspect of a “Coast to
Coast” adventure, too. “The aim of this speed is to
enthuse people to consider and follow suit, as good as formulating an even
larger recognition of a emanate of sustainability”, says Glowacz.
“So a external and homeward tour in a BMW i3 was a icing
on a cake to safeguard a ideal sustainability expedition.”


The total for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power
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comment differences in circle and tyre distance comparison as good as
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opposite total than those published here might request for the
comment of taxes and other vehicle-related duties that are (also)
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