Sustainability, tip employer, and reward quality: AUDI AG house members revisit a San José Chiapa plant

The AUDI AG house members took advantage of their outing to accommodate with Audi employees in Mexico, as good as to take an endless debate of a several buildings that concentration on Audi peculiarity and culture, interjection to ultramodern apparatus and rarely fit logistics that make probable a prolongation of 150,000 Audi Q5s on normal per year.

The debate began in a press shop, one of a many complicated in America. There, they saw a prolongation of a tools from that a physique of a car is after fabricated in a physique shop, that was a tip management’s second stop. This gymnasium is a benchmark in terms of robotics, with some-more than 800 robots ensuring a pointing public of a Audi Q5 alongside employees.

Peter Kössler, Board Member for Production and Logistics during AUDI AG: “The San José Chiapa plant is an essential partial of a Audi prolongation network interjection to a rarely fit processes and a talent and loyalty of a employees. As a plant with tolerable H2O government and no wastewater discharge, a transparent trail toward carbon-neutral prolongation creates Audi México a indication to follow. Moreover, a vital plcae in a state of Puebla allows for rarely fit logistics for a placement of finished vehicles to a largest markets in a world.”

Later, a house members arrived during a public hall, where all tools are put together and a employees safeguard that each Audi Q5 that leaves a public line is of a tip quality. In this intelligent factory, tellurian work is upheld by state-of-the-art technologies such as IT systems.

Dirk Grosse-Loheide, Board Member for Procurement and IT during AUDI AG: “Networking and digital processes are usually as many a partial of a complicated car bureau as are rarely competent employees. Audi México has a record to build a vehicles according to a acceptance ‘Made by Audi.’ Its immature talent is of pinnacle importance, as they are a ones who expostulate a consistent creation that serve optimizes processes.”

Audi México is a association that is committed to diversity, and once a debate was over, a Audi México group presented a AUDI AG house members with applicable information on a organizational enlightenment that governs a plant. Audi México employees also showed them a internal initiatives that simulate a county avocation of a organisation to continue compelling a work sourroundings of firmness in that a Volkswagen Group’s essential values prevail, where honour is ubiquitous, and where all voices are heard.

Sabine Maassen, Board Member for Human Resources and Organization during AUDI AG: “Corporate Citizenship initiatives, such as Girls’ Day or Audi Habita, in that a growth of children in a segment is pursued, are partial of a corporate culture. They are driven by a Audi plant in San José Chiapa and denote that we are not usually strongly committed to being a tip employer for a contentment of a employees, though that we also caring about a people vital in a region. This is a common bargain of Audi as a good neighbor worldwide.”

In addition, a Audi México plant is committed to tolerable prolongation and is a benchmark within a whole Volkswagen Group in terms of H2O expenditure per car built, that has achieved a 40% rebate compared to 2017. Moreover, a plant has no wastewater discharge, an fulfilment that was also presented to a AUDI AG house members.

To interpretation a visit, Audi México showed a renowned visitors how it is fortitude a desirous idea of CO2-free prolongation by 2025, interjection to a Mission:Zero strategy. The plant constantly analyses a marketplace for natural-gas transformation options such as biomethane and geothermal appetite to grasp a targets.

Tarek Mashhour, Executive President of Audi México: “It is really critical for us to acquire a AUDI AG Board Members so they can see first-hand that a plant in Mexico has a ability to build one of a many critical models in a Audi Group’s Q range, aligned to a strictest peculiarity standards and with a clever joining to environmental care. This reinforces a certainty that a Audi Group has in Mexico and in San José Chiapa. Audi Mexico continues looking to a destiny with a organisation step towards sustainability, labor fortitude and a growth of a segment where a bureau is installed.”

The Audi plant in Mexico has been during a forefront in terms of record given it was initial built. Today, it is tirelessly operative to optimize a operations and so sojourn a rival plant within a Audi Group worldwide.