Sunday Drives: Iceland


Southern Peninsular Region, Iceland


180 kilometres


Empty straights and peaceful bends along a furious coastal landscape, framed by a backdrop of active volcanoes and bubbling prohibited springs


There are few people who can explain to know Porsche’s indication story some-more closely than Bjarni Elvar Pétursson. The Icelandic dentist fell for a marque as a wide-eyed teenager, and it has accompanied him by life ever since.

“It all started in 1985 when Porsche initial came to Iceland,” says Pétursson from his hospital in Reykjavik. “I was 17 years aged and tighten to removing my pushing licence. They had a engine uncover in city with a 944 and a 911 on display. Around 5 years later, usually after we graduated as a dentist, we managed to buy a used 944 and that was my initial Porsche.”

Bjarni Elvar Pétursson and his Taycan Turbo S

From there, Pétursson would go on to possess one of a initial era Cayenne models in 2003, followed by a 911 Turbo, a Panamera and a Macan, and he has recently combined to this impressively extensive list with a Taycan Turbo S – a unequivocally initial instance to arrive in Iceland. For a industrious clinician, who is also a lecturing highbrow and conduct of a dialect of reconstructive dentistry in Iceland, this was a perfection of a long, and during times unknown, journey.

Taycan Turbo S

“Five years ago, when a Mission E judgment was initial denounced in Frankfurt, a crony of cave forked out that it would be a good automobile for Iceland,” he says. Due to high import taxes, opening cars can cost roughly twice as many as they do in Europe, though variety and wholly electric vehicles are exempted. “So we went to a inner Porsche dealer,” Pétursson remembers with a smile, “and put my sequence in for a Mission E. He pronounced we couldn’t sequence such a thing, though now my name was on a tip of a list. So we waited another 4 years, following all a developments in a media, and eventually saying cinema of exam cars being driven. we was unequivocally gratified with how it looked.”

In May 2020, Pétursson’s possess automobile overwhelmed down in Iceland, a Carmine Red Taycan Turbo S with a numberplate ‘Taycan’, that immediately became his daily driver. Even his initial expostulate home caused a stir. “Right after we picked it adult my son called, cheering “You’ve been snapped, you’ve been snapped!” down a phone. At initial we suspicion he contingency have been articulate about a speed trap, though a automobile was already all over amicable media. For a initial few weeks it was an internet luminary in Iceland.”

Now that a roar has died down a little, Pétursson can suffer pushing his new automobile amid a peace offering by Iceland’s still and contented highway network. His Sunday Drive is one he creates utterly often, and is used as a arguable means to tell after a prolonged week on a harangue circuit.

“I harangue all over a universe so this track starts during a airport, in Keflavik, where we mostly land on a Friday afternoon after a week away. I’ll be streamer true from there to a plantation we possess on a south coast, where we multiply horses. So it’s not your standard Sunday drive, though it’s a unequivocally good one all a same, and a good proceed for me to relax during a finish of a week when we get behind to Iceland.”

Pétursson knows this highway from childhood, when his father, who was innate in a encampment of Hafnir, nearby Keflavik, used to expostulate it with a family to accommodate adult with aged friends. In those days it was wholly sand and a renouned mark for rallying, though now it is wholly paved and runs around many of a island’s southern peninsular.

Area comprised of black volcanic lava and fringed by furious seas

The track from Keflavik airfield heads south on a 425 past Hafnir towards a many south-westerly tip of Iceland. It pays to take a tiny highway on a 443 to a Reykjanesviti lighthouse, to try a cliffs and Gunnuhver geysers before branch easterly on a 425 to Grindavik, a few kilometres from a famous Blue Lagoon. From there, a highway continues along a 427 – famous as a Sudurstrandarvegur or south seashore road. It’s an area comprised of black volcanic lava, fringed by furious seas to one side and high plateau on a other. The track is punctuated by geysers, abounding with sea birds and is now enjoying a combined play of a recently erupted and still rarely active volcano during Fagradalsfjall.

The rarely active volcano during Fagradalsfjall.

The seashore highway ends in a encampment of Thorlakshöfn, though Pétursson’s tour takes him a tiny serve easterly and inner a few kilometres to his weekend retreat. “My plantation is in Hvolsvöllur, that is utterly a prolonged proceed east, so holding a south seashore highway is by no means a fastest route. But that’s what creates it a ideal proceed to start a weekend. The craft customarily lands late afternoon and it’s many some-more relaxing to take a prolonged proceed home. The reason they paved this highway is since a categorical highway opposite a island goes over a pass, and during a winter this infrequently has to close. But this means a south seashore highway isn’t used many via a year, so it’s unequivocally quiet.”

Embracing a solitude of a unspoiled environment

As someone with a good understanding of knowledge pushing his possess 911 Turbo in a Swiss Alps, where he lived for 8 years, Pétursson is penetrating to highlight that this highway is not about a large betterment changes or severe corners dear of many Porsche owners. It’s some-more about removing out into a wild, remote landscape and simply embracing a waste and enormity of this untried and illusory environment. “The view is stunning,” he says, “with a highway surrounded by this black landscape of ancient lava. During a Apollo space programme in a 1960s and 1970s, NASA came to this area to exam a moon buggies, and no wonder. But many of time we are a usually chairman around.”

The track from Keflavik along a south seashore highway to Hvolsvöllur is 180 km and takes Pétursson around dual hours, though he recommends a coffee mangle after 43 km during Grindavik gulf before stability easterly on 427. Another brief highway he likes to take runs by a Reykjanesfólkvangur inlet reserve, down a 42 and past Kleifarvatn lake and a geothermal springs during Krýsuvík.

Realising a dream with dual Swiss colleagues

Despite his zen-like proceed to pushing in his local Iceland, Pétursson has not mislaid his adore of a inner explosion engine and is now in a routine of realising a dream with dual Swiss colleagues. “The 3 of us usually finished a book on Fixed Restorations in, that was published this summer,” he says. “To prerogative ourselves we’ve systematic a new 911 GT3 Touring. You don’t make a lot from essay a book like that, though we motionless between us to open a ‘GT3 bank account’, and any royalties we do accept will go true into it.”

And how will he get his satisfactory share of pushing miles from his home in Iceland, some 2,600 km away? The jet-setting Pétursson has it all figured out: “I’m also a highbrow during a University of Geneva, so we have concluded we will keep a automobile in Switzerland. Usefully tighten to those alpine passes!”

Sunday Drives

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