Successful initial half-year for Audi: record deliveries and clever profits

“The certain trend during a start of a year continued in a months to June: we have brought a initial half-year to a successful conclusion. Our financial opening shows that we have rubbed a hurdles of a tellurian necessity of semiconductors well, interjection to extensive counter-measures, and have been means to take advantage of a opportunities of a certain marketplace development,” says Jürgen Rittersberger, Board Member for Finance and Legal Affairs during AUDI AG. “The high numbers of vehicles delivered, even surpassing levels before a crisis, and good profitability are a transparent acknowledgment of a capabilities of a association and a lure of a product portfolio.”

Record turn of tellurian automobile deliveries

Customers‘ stability high turn of seductiveness in Audi models led to record deliveries in a initial half-year: from Jan to June, a association delivered 981,681 Audi-brand automobiles to business worldwide – a arise of 38.8 percent compared to a prior year (2020: 707,225). A total of 518,853 deliveries (2020: 354,232) also done a duration from Apr to Jun a strongest entertain for sales in a association history. On a Chinese market,Audi reached a best-ever outcome in a initial half with 418,749 deliveries (+38.4 percent). In a USA too, Audi achieved a best half-year, with 121,835 vehicles delivered (+59.9 percent). Momentum was also clever in Europe, with an boost of 32.7 percent (351,588 vehicles). Especially with all-electric and plug-in hybrid automobiles, a reward manufacturer available a poignant increase, with some 80,000 deliveries, some-more than twice as many as in a same duration of a prior year (2020: approx. 36,000). Furthermore, SUV models and a top-range vehicles gifted high expansion rates.

“Increased direct from a business and a successful sales opening worldwide were clever drivers of expansion in a initial half-year. In this approach we are stability a successful expansion to turn a heading provider of tolerable reward mobility,” says Hildegard Wortmann, Board Member for Sales and Marketing during AUDI AG.

Electrification is relocating forward during a Four Rings: Audi is gradually phasing out prolongation of combustion-engine vehicles adult to 2033, and a association intends to be carbon-neutral by 2050 during a latest. The broadly formed electric descent will be consistently pushed forwards during a same time: with a new e-tron GT quattro and RS e-tron GT models, and a initial all-electric automobile in a compress segment, Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron, a electric portfolio has stretched by 4 additional models. This means that, in a stream year already, Audi is rising some-more electric than combustion-engine vehicles onto a market. By 2025 a association skeleton to have over 20 all-electric models in a range.

Revenue aloft than pre-crisis level

In a initial 6 months, a Audi Group increasing sales revenue by 42.7 percent to €29,212 million (2020: 20,476 million). Compared to a prior year, noted by tellurian lockdowns, turnover in a initial half-year rose in all automobile segments, accompanied by a auspicious product and informal brew as good as good feat of cost goals. High direct for SUVs had a certain outcome on revenue: Audi’s Q models were good perceived by business in many markets, generally in a USA and in China. Revenue for a Lamborghini brand, during €961 million (2020: 766 million), was also aloft than in a prior year.

Operating lapse on sales within a vital aim range

For a initial half-year a Audi Group achieved operating increase amounting to€3,113 million (2020: -750 million). The operating lapse on sales in a initial half rose to 10.7 (2020: -3.7) percent and therefore lies within a vital aim operation of 9 to 11 percent. In serve to a clever opening in a core business and stability cost discipline, a high turn of increase and lapse on sales was reinforced by certain gratefulness effects generally for securing tender materials amounting to €0.9 billion compared to a prior year.

For a initial half of 2021, a Audi Group reports pre-tax profits of €3,875 million (2020: 86 million). This includes a high turn of profit from financial items in a initial 6 months during €762 million (2020: 836 million), reflecting sold healthy business in China.

Net money flow stood during €5,512 million (2020: 1,953 million), so demonstrating that a Audi Group is financially strong and good positioned for a future. In serve to high increase and continued investment discipline, a Four Rings benefited from anniversary factors and effects carried over from a final entertain of 2020 with a high volume.

Outlook for a full year: carefully confident as before

Looking during a whole of 2021, a association expects flourishing direct in tellurian automobile markets. At a same time there are signs that a months forward will also be noted by a vicious supply conditions for semiconductors. Audi continues to work greatly on counter-measures, though in perspective of a stability necessity it is not approaching to be probable to recompense in full in a march of a year for mislaid production. Furthermore, a Audi Group does not design serve estimable certain gratefulness effects from securing tender materials in a second half of a year. Nevertheless, a Four Rings take a carefully confident perspective of a remaining months of a year: accordingly, a Audi Group expects automobile deliveries of a Audi code and sales income to be significantly aloft than in a prior year. An handling lapse on sales in a designed operation of between 7 and 9 percent is expected. Based on a certain trend of a initial half-year and deliberation a aloft anniversary output in a second half, a Audi Group is adjusting a foresee for net money upsurge to a figure between €4.5 and €5.5 billion.

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Quarterly refurbish and fact container on initial half of 2021

Review by Jürgen Rittersberger, Board Member for Finance and Legal Affairs of AUDI AG, on initial half of 2021.

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