Study shows Audi unmatched for destiny viability

The index covers a resilience and destiny viability of vehicle brands in Germany. It is formed on a deputy investigate by a code and government consulting organisation BrandTrust. Ten “resiliency indicators” served as a comment criteria. These embody a brand’s ability to adapt, a amicable relevance, a ability to be a trend-setter, a peculiarity of a code experience, and a faithfulness of a customers.

Compared to a investigate formula dual years ago, this time a consult respondents gave Audi aloft scores in roughly each category. The factors behind this success, according to a authors of a study, are superb products, transparent code positioning and considerable code experiences.

Audi is ceaselessly operative on a mobility of a future. The new Audi A8 is a world’s initial prolongation vehicle grown for rarely programmed driving. And final week during a International Motor Show (IAA), a reward code presented a thought for a entirely unconstrained automobile of tomorrow – in a form of a pattern prophesy Audi Aicon.

The Ingolstadt-based code will chaperon in a age of quite electric cars subsequent year with a Audi e-tron. Audi wants to offer some-more than 20 electric cars and plug-in variety in a product operation by 2025, represented in all segments and concepts. The devise calls for a third of all Audi models delivered to be electrically powered by then.