Strong display from BMW M6 GT3 teams during a Bathurst 12 Hour goes unrewarded – New BMW M4 GT4 wins on the Australian debut.

Bathurst. The BMW M6 GT3 teams constructed an impressive
opening in a 12-hour competition during a iconic “Mount Panorama
Circuit” in Bathurst (AUS), though their efforts went unrewarded. BMW
Team SRM, with BMW DTM drivers Timo Glock (GER) and Philipp Eng
(AUT) pity a cockpit of a series 100 BMW M6 GT3 with team
principal Steve Richards (NZL), eventually finished ninth. The
series 43 BMW M6 GT3, run by BMW Team Schnitzer and driven by BMW
DTM drivers Marco Wittmann (GER) and Augusto Farfus (BRA), together
with Chaz Mostert (AUS), was forced to retire following a collision
while severe for a mark on a podium. The competition was brought to
a tighten 12 mins forward of schedule, due to a large crash.


The 12-hour classical got off to a shining start: Mostert started
from stick position in a series 43 BMW M6 GT3 and began to open adult a
lead during a front of a field. A horde of reserve automobile durations then
meant that he and his team-mates were incompetent to take advantage of the
morning’s good conditions for a BMW M6 GT3. As a competition progressed,
a contingent forsaken behind by a field, however, they did conduct to
recover some positions in a shutting stages, and set their sights on
a lectern again. Then, after 9 and a half hours, came the
retirement for Mostert, Wittmann and Farfus. Running fourth during the
time, Mostert, inextricable in a conflict for position with several other
cars, was concerned in a collision. While he was means to lapse to the
pits, a automobile was too severely shop-worn to continue. 


The contingent in a BMW Team SRM automobile constructed an considerable fightback in
a race. A suspension meant that a series 100 BMW M6 GT3 had
to start from 49th and final place on Saturday. Despite
that, Glock, Richards and Eng shortly worked their approach into a leading
group. A stop emanate afterwards cost a contingent time in a shutting stages,
and they eventually came home ninth.


The new BMW M4 GT4 won a GT4 category on a Australian debut. The
Boat Works Racing group claimed feat in a category from pole
position. The series 30 BMW M4 GT4 was driven by Tony Longhurst, Matt
Brabham and Aaron Seton (all AUS). The series 13 BMW M4 GT4, run by
a RHC Lawrence/Strom group and driven by Daren Jorgensen, Cameron
Lawrence, Brett Strom (all USA) and Kuno Wittmer (CAN), was fourth.
They were followed over a line in fifth place by a series 44 BMW
M4 GT4 of BMW Team SRM, in that a 3 Australians, Dean Grant,
Xavier West and Cameron Hill, alternated during a wheel.


Quotes from a Bathurst 12 Hour:


Timo Glock (BMW Team SRM, No. 100 BMW M6 GT3):

“It was once again a genuine prominence and a crazy race, with an awful
lot of reserve automobile periods. It was a dream for me to be means to start
a race, as we did final year. That is unequivocally special here, and getting
a automobile by all a trade from a behind of a margin without
pang any repairs was a large plea for us. we achieved that, and
we were already in a top-ten by a finish of a initial stint. Steve,
Philipp and a whole group did a flawless job. The plan was
excellent, and we got a automobile by to a finish though a single
scratch. Unfortunately, we had some issues with a brakes towards the
finish of a race, and forsaken back. All in all, Bathurst was good fun again.”


Philipp Eng (BMW Team SRM, No. 100 BMW M6 GT3):

“It was a singular experience. The circuit is overwhelming and we can feel
your adrenaline pumping each singular lap. we unequivocally enjoyed it. The
competition started with an implausible initial army from Timo. Steve and I
afterwards continued to stand by a field, and we indeed led briefly
– carrying started from 49th place. Unfortunately, technical
issues thwarted us towards a end. On a whole, however, a BMW M6
GT3 was unequivocally good in terms of change and driveability. we schooled a
lot this weekend and it was good fun. we would unequivocally adore to
lapse to Australia, and to Bathurst.”


Steve Richards (BMW Team SRM, No. 100 BMW M6 GT3):

“I am really, unequivocally unapproachable of a group this weekend. The strategy
currently was spot-on and if not for an astonishing stop emanate afterwards who
knows – it competence have been a podium. At a finish of a day, it’s great
to get a automobile home though a blemish on it. Very happy with the
result, everybody worked unequivocally good together.”


Marco Wittmann (BMW Team Schnitzer, No. 43 BMW M6 GT3):

“We had a good car, generally in subordinate and in a initial two
stints in a morning. Chaz was doing an overwhelming job, pulling divided and
we showed a clever opening with a BMW M6 GT3. But when a sun
came out and temperatures rose, we were blank a bit on tip speed. It
was afterwards formidable for us to overtake. In addition, we got a
drive-through chastisement that forsaken us back. But we indeed fought
behind and were using in a earnest position. Chaz attempted it – and
infrequently it works out and infrequently not. But during slightest he attempted it.
For certain it is a contrition since we were still in a hunt for a podium
or maybe even a win. There were some-more than dual hours to go. But
that’s racing and things like this can happen.”


Augusto Farfus (BMW Team Schnitzer, No. 43 BMW M6 GT3):

“Chaz did an extraordinary opening army though we couldn’t get transparent in the
initial partial of a race. That put us on a behind foot, also with the
drive-through penalty. Then we had to take some risks and conflict to
quarrel a approach behind towards a front. It is a contrition since we had a
quick and rival package and we go home with nothing. But it is
partial of a game. Overall it was a pleasure and an honour to be here,
to learn from Chaz here in Australia, to work with BMW Team Schnitzer
again and with Marco. And we am certain improved days will come.”


Chaz Mostert (BMW Team Schnitzer, No. 43 BMW M6 GT3):

“I’m 100 per cent gutted to have crashed a automobile when we were in such
a good position. It’s one of those things that’s tough to take. We had
a quick automobile all weekend, though in a competition we found ourselves on a back
feet a small bit, and we was perplexing my hardest to make some ground
back. we suspicion if we could transparent a integrate of cars I’d be on my way,
though it didn’t work. we took a unsure option; we attempted to take advantage
of some lapped cars, and there only wasn’t adequate room for 3 cars.
I’m gutted for BMW Team Schnitzer, for BMW Motorsport, and for my
extraordinary team-mates Augusto and Marco. It’s been an extraordinary weekend, we
showed how good a BMW M6 GT3 works during Bathurst. we consider we deserved
a clever outcome this year, though it only wasn’t a day.”