Friday Jan. 4 was a great day for the Canadian automotive industry and, moreover, for Ford. Live from the Oakville Assembly Plant, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the renewal of the Automotive Innovation Fund.

This fund represents an investment of $250 million over five years and aims to encourage development of green automotive technologies. The fund, which was introduced in 2008, has generated $1.6 billion in research, development and innovation investments in the country’s automotive sector.

For Dianne Craig, President and CEO of Ford Canada, it’s great news, “Because it’s about attracting investments to Canada.”

Being Green is one of Ford Canada’s four key pillars, and we’re always working to improve our already fuel-efficient lineup of vehicles. With the launch of the Ford C-MAX Hybrid and Energi, the all-new Fusion Hybrid, the Focus Electric and the EcoBoost engine, this investment is coming at a perfect time for the blue oval.