Statements Paris Motor Show 2018

Harald Krüger, Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG


Bonjours à toutes et tous!

Our passion is reward mobility. And, we draft a possess course. We are
environment a gait in electro-mobility:

The BMW Group is clearly Number ONE in Europe in electrified automobile sales.


By a finish of September, we already sole some-more than 100,000
electrified vehicles worldwide. Last year, we distinguished this figure
in December, as we competence remember. In total, we already have over
300,000 electric vehicles and plug-in-hybrids on a road. The story continues:


Once more, we’ve increasing a battery ability and operation for a BMW i3.

Other exciting, new battery-electric vehicles are on a way:

  • 2019: a MINI Electric,
  • 2020: a BMW iX3,
  • 2021: a BMW iNEXT.


And it is my pleasure to announce that a BMW i4 will also be
nearing in 2021.


That means, in 2021 we will have five, fully-electric core models.
This underlines a clever joining to destiny mobility.


And now: greatfully suffer a latest array models!


Pieter Nota, Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
Sales and Brand BMW, Aftersales BMW Group


Bonjour! The new BMW Z4 Roadster fits ideally here
in Paris – a city that lives and breathes conform and design. It
showcases BMW’s new pattern denunciation from all perspectives: from the
energetic looking front – to a distinguished flanks – to a purify tail end.


The BMW Z4 M40i not usually cuts a good figure, it is also a true, lean
sports car. And it’s a usually one in a category to offer a true 6 engine.


I can tell you, we unequivocally desired contrast it – a pure, open-air, raw,
pushing knowledge – “sheer pushing pleasure”. This is what BMW is all about.


Our subsequent automobile is also one that feels during home cruising on the
Champs-Élysées, or on a racetrack during Le Mans.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The all-new BMW 8 Series Coupé! It’s a genuine beauty!


The 8 not usually starts a new section in a story of making
marvellous sports cars, it also signifies a start of a expansion
in a tip oppulance segment. With this car, we did something we’ve
never finished before. We built it for a racetrack and afterwards put it on
a road. You competence have seen it in movement in Le Mans: It’s quick,
with impossibly accurate handling. Our business will suffer every
second behind a wheel!


This multiple of racetrack opening with genuine luxury
delivers an unbeatable experience. The 8 also heralds a new design
denunciation that will change BMW’s whole line-up: Very modern, unequivocally clean!


As a new flagship oppulance Coupé, a craftsmanship and excellent details
in this automobile are second-to-none. Our 8 Series business design a very
best and have transparent particular tastes: That’s because BMW Individual will
be accessible from a start when a automobile is launched in November.


It also has a many modernized digital user interface. Our customers
will knowledge a new turn of personalization – identical to that of
a latest intelligent phones.


The Coupé will be followed by a Convertible and Gran Coupé in 2019,
and there’s good news for M fans – all of these will be offering as M models!


You see, now we are in a center of a company’s biggest
product expansion. And 2018 is also a year of X. After rising the
BMW X2 and X4, we recently suggested a new BMW X5
and it’s improved than ever!

The “Boss” as we call it, has always been a transparent personality in its
segment. This fourth era – with code new innovations such as
a xOffroad package – will continue to set a benchmark in: Driving
comfort, oppulance and efficiency.


Efficiency is one of a tip priorities. So of course, we will launch
a X5 as a plug-in hybrid in 2019.  It combines a energy and
magnificence of a true 6 engine with a latest BMW eDrive
record – and we can expostulate adult to 80 km in pristine electric mode.
That’s benchmark.


Our subsequent indication also embodies all of this and is during a unequivocally heart of
a brand.


Klaus Fröhlich, Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, Development


Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs,

The new BMW 3 Series! The ultimate sports sedan.


The 3 Series determined and led a shred of competition sedans – and
will continue to do so now in a seventh generation. Over a past 40
years, we have delivered some-more than 15 million 3 Series cars. This
creates it a many successful indication of a BMW code and a world’s
best-selling reward vehicle. It represents a BMW code like no
other automobile and is truly a heart and essence of BMW.


All a cars enclose a sporty and energetic genes of a 3. This
unusual automobile is a colonize of a segment. And for a new
generation, we guarantee you:


It is improved than ever before: Even some-more athletic, present, and
innovative. I’ve tested it in a few quick laps on a Nürburgring. And
it is unequivocally fantastic. We will infer that a new 3 Series remains
a sportiest sedan in a segment.

To grasp this, we have total a tip technologies:

  • Best-in-class aerodynamics with a drag fellow of 0.23;
  • A poignant weight rebate of 55 kg compared to a predecessor;
  • And many importantly, new powertrains with reduction expenditure and
    improved pushing performance.


To sum it up, limit pushing pleasure with limit efficiency.


This indication also represents a new design: pristine lines and sculpted
surfaces. The interior has been totally revised: contemporary and
trendsetting, though with BMW’s heading motorist orientation. This also
describes a operation of innovations in a new 3 Series.


For example, a mint Intelligent Personal Assistant. It brings
a digital universe into a automobile as your personal companion. It connects
we and creates your life easier, including a latest motorist assistance systems.


One highlight: a new BMW Digital Key, that allows business to
clear a automobile and start a engine regulating a smartphone.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are unequivocally unapproachable of this new car. And we would like to appreciate everyone
who worked on it, to make it a best ever.