Start of vocational training at MAN


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Over 800 young talents start their careers

Over 800 young talents start their careers. In September 2014, more than 800 youths in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Ankara started their vocational training within the MAN Group. MAN offers 53 vocational professions, 43 of which are in technical training disciplines and ten of which are in commercial ones. 

For MAN, skills in the technical profession of production mechanic are particularly necessary to enable progress in production. “Vocational training plays a key role in MAN’s ability to compete. We need the best and the most motivated trainees – especially given the looming shortage of skilled workers – in order to continue to be able to secure excellent quality for our products and services,” emphasized Jochen Schumm, Chief Human Resources Officer at MAN SE and MAN Truck Bus AG. To prevent this shortage of skilled workers MAN is increasingly focusing on girls who are interested in vocational training in a technical discipline. 

The dual work-study degree programs offered at MAN are also very popular: from October onward, 175 dual work-study students will be completing the practical part of their courses at MAN. MAN also focuses on internationality, which has seen the number of international assignments during the vocational traineeship or the degree constantly grow, for example. 

The chances of being hired after the traineeship are very high. In order to better inform youths about vocational training opportunities, a Facebook fanpage was created two years ago for German-language vocational traineeships in the MAN Group. This page now has more than 1,700 fans and is also intended to inform school students about internships in the career orientation phase, for example. MAN offers several hundred of these internships every year, since they are the best opportunity to get to know the company and the vocational profession.