Speech CarIT Congress 2014

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

As an operative and Board Member for Technical Development, we am committed to a sign of ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’, that has tangible what Audi does for decades now. Today, and in arriving years, a pivotal priority of a automotive attention will be to figure a destiny of mobility.

On a way, we are building products, that are fit and sustainable, connected and intuitive. We are formulating a new dimension of connected existence with high-performance assistance systems, connected infotainment and car-to-car communication. Piloted pushing and parking offer substantial gains in terms of trade safety, pushing preference and efficiency. And this is how we emanate a sporty, romantic code knowledge for a business – during new levels of reward quality.

The mega-trends of a benefaction are urbanisation, digitalisation and connectivity. Growing urbanisation is one of a drivers for stream CO2 regulations. The tellurian race will grow by around 1.2 billion people by 2030. Asia will be a focal indicate with expansion of some-more than 500 million people. People are increasingly migrating to civic civil regions, and by 2030 it is approaching that some-more than 50 per cent of all people will live in cities. In China alone, over 260 million people will pierce from a nation to a city by 2030. Growth for Shanghai is foresee to be 11 million people, for instance.

The other mega-trends that we see are digitalisation and connectivity. By 2030, there will be 40 per cent some-more intelligent phones on a marketplace than today. Even today, 90 per cent of intelligent phone users never have their phones some-more than one scale detached from them. And today, business are already adopting a innovative gait of a consumer wiring attention as a customary for a gait of a automotive industry.

According to experts, business increasingly demeanour for even some-more intelligent phone functionalities in their cars.

This creates a automobile a largest ‘mobile device’. We see another huge charge and shortcoming here: Big information – that for us means value-oriented patron management.

On a one hand, a business design accessible applications that give them continued entrance to information, quick estimate and customised products and services.

On a other hand, they righteously design secure and trusted doing of their personal data. We have a pure and invariable joining to information protection, and we have determined a top levels of confidence standards in doing patron and automobile data. We will not assent any unapproved entrance to a handling complement of a vehicles. When new services are conceptualised, a information confidence experts are concerned in a process, and they support a whole growth proviso with confidence analyses.

Automotive connectivity is apropos increasingly some-more complex, though for users it is apropos some-more accessible and some-more intuitive. That is partial of a reward philosophy.

In 2010, we offering a initial online services – that enclosed weather, news and trade information – in a Audi A8. Today, we have a extensive operation of services for amicable media platforms, and we are fluctuating them to a compress segment, too. All Audi A3 models are versed with these services, for example. We are ceaselessly creation additions to a Audi bond line-up, implementing Car-to-X functions and fluctuating a intelligent phone integration.

In new years, we have achieved full on-board connectivity. Back in 1993, we usually had a singular train complement and 5 electronic control units in a Audi A8, though in 2010, a numbers were 7 buses and some-more than 100 control units. Now we are seamlessly joining a automobile with a Internet, a owner, infrastructure and other cars.

We see 3 stages of connectivity:

1: Connected infotainment: Driving and staying seamlessly connected with glorious quality.

2: Car-to-X: Our Car-to-Infrastructure services bond a motorist with a travel system, and Car-to-Service connects Audi Customer Service directly to a car.

3: Car-to-Car: Thanks to overflow intelligence, cars are means to promulgate with one another.

Allow me to explain this in larger detail:

Stage 1: Connected infotainment: The customer’s particular information cloud creates a seamless transition between work-related and personal media use with finish inclination such as navigation, web services and apps. Our Modular Infotainment Platform (MIB) enables creation cycles that are in line with those of a consumer wiring industry. The MIB combines dual categorical units within a parsimonious space: the´Radio Car Control Unit and a MMX house (MMX = Multi-Media eXtension). Besides integrating RAM and peep memory, a plug-in procedure also integrates a latest Tegra processor from Nvidia, that processes all of a online, media voice control, navigation and write functions. These hardware components can be updated over a march of a car’s product lifecycle.

So, we are indeed introducing a model change within a automotive industry. For years now we have been operative together with heading companies in a semiconductor attention along a whole routine chain. This is how we have been means to boost a gait of execution and safeguard reward quality.

Both are pivotal to successful innovation.

From 2012 to 2016, we increasing a computing opening five-fold. At CES 2014 in Las Vegas, we presented a second era of a MIB. It is now going into prolongation in a new Audi TT*, a many critical product prominence of 2014. The T 30 processor from a Tegra 3 array of marketplace personality Nvidia – a four-core chip with a 900 MHz time speed and a quick graphics estimate section – can expostulate dual displays and govern 8 billion computing operations per second. This enables fascinating three-dimensional images, for example.

At CES 2014, we showcased a miracle in intelligent phone integration: a Audi phone box with wireless charging. This creation has done wireless charging of mobile inclination in a automobile a reality. By mixing a coupling receiver and wireless charging, we are formulating optimal synergies for accessible use of mobile inclination in a vehicle.

Audi is a world’s initial carmaker to rise a entirely automotive-compatible tablet. The Audi inscription with a shining 10.2-inch HD shade can withstand impassioned heat fluctuations and automatic shock. It is connected to a automobile around Wi-Fi interface, and together with Audi connect, it offers Internet entrance regulating high-speed LTE. Its core member is a high-performance Nvidia Tegra 40 processor. And so, a automobile motorist as good as passengers might use any kind of tablet-specific applications during any time.

The ultimate prominence of a Audi TT interior is a Audi Virtual Cockpit: It merges a instrument cluster and MMI shade to emanate one executive digital unit. It sets new standards with a energetic animations and accurate graphics. In mid-September, a German magazines “auto engine und sport” and “CHIP” chose a new Audi TT for their “Car Connectivity Award“ – fixing it a “best connected automobile in Germany”.

Stage 2: Car-to-X: We are joining automobile drivers with a travel complement and creation trade light phases transparent. Over three-fourths of all German automobile drivers already hold this critical today. The complement displays a speed during that a motorist needs to expostulate to pass by a subsequent trade light on a immature call but carrying to stop. We have already conducted live demonstrations in Las Vegas, Verona and Berlin. We grown this use formed on generally supposed technical standards to pledge a fast tie with trade control servers. Traffic light info has a intensity to revoke CO2 emissions by as most as 15 per cent.

Other destiny growth opportunities are services that yield send points to internal open travel or pre-compute accessible parking spaces along a road. This would make life most easier. In some cities today, sailing vehicles looking for parking spaces already paint one-third of automobile traffic.

Stage 3: Swarm comprehension and Car-to-Car: Cars will be warning one another of hazards such as obstacles, collision sites or glisten ice. 90 per cent of German automobile drivers already cruise this functionality to be really important. Intelligent cars could assistance to save time and minimise risks.

Today’s assistance systems have a intensity to navigate, beam and brace a automobile and a driver. This is quite applicable in civic trade situations with multi-tasking. Also, this is where a shortcoming and pursuit lies: Driving assistance systems and technologies such as piloted pushing and parking can revoke stress, take on superintendence and warning roles, make visual actions in pushing operation and assume pushing tasks in special or puncture situations.

Just a few weeks ago, in California, we were a initial association to be postulated capitulation to exam piloted pushing on open roads. Now we can start to exam a record platforms on a highways of a Golden State. That is poignant swell for automobile contrast underneath genuine conditions, and it is tighten to a Audi Electronics Research Lab (ERL) in Belmont, CA.

Swarm comprehension will assistance piloted pushing grasp a breakthrough. In further to a sensor information that is generated in a car, information also comes from a infrastructure and other trade participants.

Our conclusion: The automobile is increasingly apropos a ‘mobile device’ on 4 wheels. Connectivity is a pivotal to a automobile of a future, that creates it an constituent partial of a reward mobility product line-up.

We have taken piloted pushing and parking to prolongation maturity, and we will be a initial to deliver it to a market. Once again, we are demonstrating a energy in technical creation and ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ as a DNA of a brand.

And there is most some-more to come along a pipeline. You can design a lot from us – both currently and in a future.

Thank we really much.

Fuel expenditure total for a named models

Audi TT:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.5 – 4.2
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 174 – 110