Soundbites: Ford Says Color Can Keep You Alert, Make You Feel Good – Both In and Out of Your Vehicle

Ford Motor Company says color can keep you alert and make you feel good, both in and out of your vehicle. Researchers, designers and interior engineers study the role of how light can contribute to and significantly enhance the driving experience.

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Cut #1:
”The usage of color effectively in lighting and messaging is important to give the comfort and convenience of the driving experience. Specifically, correct blue light and the variations of other colors can give you a choice to establish the correct mood, and psychological situation where you’re at.” :24 sec.
According to Mahendrah, certain levels or combinations of light trigger enzymes in the brain while you’re driving.
Cut #2:
“If you have a correct level of blue light these field lends trigger a well-known enzyme called melatonin…that keeps you alert and aware of your situation and driving situation.” :13 sec.
Lightscaping is here to stay according to Mahendrah…
Cut #3:
“We believe that the driving experience can be more pleasant and less stressful using lighting solutions.” :10 sec.
The primary thing we need to focus on is the choice and the meaningful laying out of lighting and the selection of colors and materials in a functional way is very important, whether it’s artificial light or natural light.
Cut #4:
“If the selection of materials are done right, then it will interact with the natural light and the artificial light in a very meaningful and functional way.” :11 sec.
Mike Arbaugh, Interior Chief Designer of the 2013 Ford Fusion says the team set out to design a more sophisticated and sportier interior then the outgoing Fusion.
Cut #5:
“The interior has a very fast center stack, that helps give the illusion that it’s more sporty, it’s very driver oriented all the controls are easily reachable to the driver. All the materials are much softer and more comfortable to touch, then the outgoing vehicle.” :13 sec.
Arbaugh draws the designing of a cars exterior and interior to relationships between men and women. Looks are important, but it’s what’s inside that counts.
Cut #6:
“It’s interesting when you’re developing an automobile, it’s very similar to dating, finding a relationship. You’re drawn to the exterior, there is a desire to want to be seen with or to be part of it, but as we know a happy long-term relationship is always about the inside. And we always joke in the studio, it’s all about long term love. Everything has to fit, everything has to be comfortable it has to look good, but it has to function feature the way you expect it….you’re in the inside of the vehicle more so than you are on the outside looking at it. It almost has to complete your sentences, when you’re looking to control something you know where it is and it operates just the way you want it to operate.”:38 sec.
Arbaugh says, “The fusion doesn’t just look sophisticated, upscale and high-quality…It feels that way too.” The 2013 Ford Fusion expects to be in showrooms later this year.

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