Soundbites: Ford F-150 Motor Trend’s 2012 Truck of the Year

The 2012 Ford F-150, which established a new standard for full-size pickups with best-in-class performance, fuel efficiency and capability, today was named Motor Trend’s 2012 Truck of the Year. Doug Scott, truck group marketing manager says this makes 35 years, by the end of the month, as the best-selling truck in America; Car, Truck or SUV.

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Cut #1:
“This is just another recognition of the great powertrains in particular that we brought in for 2011, especially the EcoBoost.” :07 sec.
This is the fourth time the F-150 has won the award, the most awards for any truck since Motor Trend began presenting its Truck of the Year award in 1989. The Ford pickup received the magazine’s prestigious award for previous groundbreaking new models in 1997, 2004 and 2009. Scott says their success is a reflection on the company’s desire to always listen to the customer.
Cut #2:
“We continue to focus on the customers wants and needs and looking to upgrade our game whether it’s capability, whether it’s fuel efficiency, productivity, quality, safety, you name it and as long as you keep doing that you’re going to have the kind of success that we have.” :14 sec.
Scott says the biggest thing with truck owners today, is more productivity…
Cut #3:
“I want a truck that can do more, and do it for less. So if you can carry more, if you can tow more, if you have a more fuel efficient truck, all those things contribute to productivity, and that’s been our key whether were talking about F-150 or SuperDuty is how can we improve that productivity.” :15 sec.
With more than a half-million sales through November and a lead of almost 150,000 sales versus the nearest competitor, the Ford F-Series is on track this year to extend its streak of truck leadership to 35 straight years.
Cut #4:
“F-Series is up about ten-percent, so far in 2011, we’re already north of 500-thousand units, in fact we’re about 516-thousand F-series so far this year, with a good December we expect to be up around 575-thousand F-series pickups for the full year.” :15 sec.
Scott says the EcoBoost engine is what helped spark the F-150 series success to win the Motor Trend 2012 Truck of the year.
Cut #5:
“We’re going to sell over 100-thousand EcoBoost equipped F-150’s in less than a full-year on the market and it’s right now amounting to over 40-percent of our retail sales mix, so that’s a spectacular first year in the market for the new EcoBoost and again recognition from the customer that it’s a solution, the engine is providing, performance, capability and great fuel economy.” :24 sec.

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