Soundbites: 2014 Transit Connect Wagon

Ford takes a clean-sheet, fresh-think approach to offer the most fuel-efficient seven-seat wagon in the market. Marc Rogowski, Marketing Manager of the E-series Transit Connect Wagon says the new vehicle drives like a car, has the flexibility of a utility, hauls like a van and carries the payload of a mid-size half-ton pickup truck.

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Cut #1:
“I think it appeals to individuals, it can also appeal to grown families, people that need a multi-purpose vehicle for either moving seven people or moving objects, because the vehicle has fold-flat second and third rows. It’s really for anybody, again that needs a larger vehicle or a vehicle that can haul, but gets good fuel economy.” :20 sec.
Rogowski says the vehicle is expecting to achieve at least 30 mpg on the highway with EcoBoost power and offers a choice of two fuel efficient four-cylinder engines.
Cut #2:
“The first is going to be our 2.5 liter and then the second engine, which is optional on the vehicle, is a 1.6 liter EcoBoost. They give us great fuel economy.” :08 sec.
Transit Connect Wagon is offered in two wheelbase lengths in five and seven passenger configurations.
Cut #3:
“We forecast that probably 80-percent of our mix, will be the long wheel base, 20-percent the short wheel base, the short wheel base will be a nice option for those customers who need the vehicles in an urban area for tighter parking, tighter turning radius, that’s why we’ve decided to bring two wheel bases to America.” :17 sec.
Rogowski emphasized the vehicle being brought to America is the “personal” use Transit Connect Wagon, which is different from the commercial use cargo van or taxi we typically think of when we think of the Transit Connect.
Cut #4:
“We’re going to offer seven passenger seating, which we haven’t had in the past, so we have three rows. We’ll have leather interior, we’ll have a glass roof, which we haven’t had in the past, we’ll have My Ford Touch, we’ll have navigation, so a lot of those options that you see on other vehicle lines.” :17 sec.
And of course multi-color selections will also be offered with the 2014 Transit Connect.
Cut #5:
“There’s reds, there’s yellows, blues – there are more offerings then we’ve had in the past, typically when you see a Transit Connect it’s usually white, and it’s usually wrapped, when you look at it on that commercial side, for them it’s a mobile business card, we will offer more colors with the personal Transit Connect.” :15 sec.
Production starts in the third quarter of next year, with the Transit Connect Wagon expected to arrive at dealers by the end of 2013.

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