Soundbites: 2014 Ford Transit

For more than 40 years, the Ford E-Series van has been the backbone of the commercial van industry, whether it’s used to deliver packages or shuttle you to the airport. Next year Ford is launching a revolutionary new commercial van, the Ford Transit. According to Tim Stoehr (Stair), Commercial Truck Product marketing manager, the success of the E-Series van has many loyalists asking “why change now?”…

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Cut #1:
“I answer that question to our most loyal E-Series customers, that everything you love in E-series; durability, reliability, the Transit delivers and gives you more, more and more… more choice, more roof heights, more wheel basis and more fuel efficiency.” :15 sec.
Ford Transit will achieve an average of 25 percent better fuel economy and haul at least 300 pounds more than today’s E-Series, it is the first truly global full size van for Ford Motor Company according to Stoehr and will have three roof heights.
Cut #2:
“The new Transit is going to have three different roof heights, a low roof, a medium roof and a high roof. The lower roof is similar to what we offer today on an E-Series, it’s around four and half feet of interior room, the medium roof offers about five and half bay to 5/8 inches interior head room, and the high roof offers six feet five inches of interior head room.” :20 sec.
The 2014 Transit offer three different powertrains, and while it’s a new van for North America, Stoehr says it’s really the fifth generation of a Ford Transit Van.
Cut #3:
“Our base engine is going to be a 3.7 liter gas engine V-6 and our optional engines is going to be a 3.5 liter EcoBoost also tested and proven out in the F-150 and our optional diesel engine will be a 3.2 liter Power Stroke engine, which has been developed in Ford Europe it’s in the Ranger today and it’s been in the Transit for over a decade.” :19 sec.
The 2014 is not just a utility vehicle it also is a people mover and as Tim Stoehr says, “choice” is the theme of the new 2014 Transit.
Cut #4:
“When it comes to carrying passengers we’re going to have more choice than anybody else there as well. We’ll offer different wagon models in 8, 10, 12 or 15 passenger versions, for any business or customer that needs more than 15, we’re also going to be offering chassis cab and cut-away applications where aftermarket bus companies could offer even more than 15 passengers.” :20 sec.
When it comes to fuel economy, Stoehr says it’ll be substantially better with the Ford Transit achieving on average of 25 percent better fuel economy.
Cut #5:
“I think what the customer’s need to know right now is that the target for this vehicle and all vehicles is best in class or equal to best in class mileage and I’m quite confident that the new Transit family of vans is going to shock and satisfy the North American customers.” :16 sec.
The full-size 2014 Transit will be made in Kansas City and customers can expect to see it arriving in dealers by the end of 2013.

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