Solid end to a deteriorate for a TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team

Race 15

Pascal Wehrlein (GER) dull off this good organisation outcome with sixth place. For Porsche, this was a second-best organisation outcome of a season. As a best German, Pascal Wehrlein wrapped adult a initial Formula E universe championship deteriorate in eleventh place, with André Lotterer on 17th. Porsche achieved eighth place in a organisation classification.

Thanks to a clever subordinate performance, a Porsche drivers cumulative enlightened grid spots for their home race. André Lotterer took adult a foe from seventh on a 2.355-kilometre racetrack in a German capital, that was driven in a conflicting instruction on Sunday, with Pascal Wehrlein on tenth. An collision shortly after a start resulted in a cars carrying to lapse to a array lane. When a foe restarted after about 20 mins behind a reserve car, a Porsche 99X Electric racers usually finished adult one position after a other and staid in among a heading pack. 

Over many laps, a dual gathering in convoy, one directly behind a other. Although, as on Saturday, André Lotterer was incompetent to utilize a good dual mins of his conflict mode to continue overtaking due to a reserve vehicle phase, he eventually cumulative fourth place interjection to a clever final pull shortly before a flag. Pascal Wehrlein gained 4 positions and crossed a finish line in sixth place.

Comments on a Berlin E-Prix, Race 15

Amiel Lindesay, Head of Operations Formula E: “We narrowly missed out on a Super Pole by five-thousandths of a second. André put in a clever drive. Still, we simply have to do softened in subordinate so that we can modify a good racing opening into tip results. We’ll keep operative on that. The foe itself went well. It’s a contrition that a reserve vehicle came out during Andrè’s second conflict mode. This meant he wasn’t means to use all of a additional energy, differently he could’ve gained another dual positions. All in all, that was a good finish to a deteriorate today. We were means to emanate some certain movement yet during a finish of a day we fell a tiny brief of a expectations.”

André Lotterer, Porsche-Werksfahrer (#36): “It’s always irritating to skip a lectern by such a slim margin. Still, many of a time we was means to expostulate among a categorical organisation and we had to be clever that no one strike my car. My overtaking pierce during a finish was flattering parsimonious yet it worked – it’s simply a contrition that it was too late to go for a podium. The certain use of this deteriorate make us confident about a future.”

Pascal Wehrlein, Porsche-Werksfahrer (#99): “That was a good race. Our vehicle had a decent gait and we could make adult several positions. It was a clever outcome for a team, even yet we could’ve substantially finished softened today. It’s a contrition that a deteriorate is over. We’ve finished good swell recently and we’ve frequently finished in a points, generally during a second half of a season. I’m already looking brazen to subsequent year.”

Race 14

Season 7 of a world’s initial electric racing array concludes on Sunday with another foe on a circuit in Germany’s capital, despite this time driven in a conflicting direction. Last year in Berlin, André Lotterer (GER) climbed a podium. This time, he took adult a penultimate eventuality of a deteriorate from P14. In a race, drivers could usually activate a singular conflict mode and call on additional appetite for 8 minutes.

In fever and high summer temperatures, a seasoned dilettante was consistently quick and managed to finish in a points. Things did not go so uniformly for his teammate Pascal Wehrlein (GER), who trafficked to Berlin with a fanciful possibility during claiming a title: Starting from a ninth grid spot, a opposition finished strike with his Porsche 99X Electric in path 9 that caused a puncture. As a result, he was relegated distant down a margin and eventually took a dwindle in 21st place. 

Comments on a Berlin E-Prix

Amiel Lindesay, Head of Operations Formula E: “Today wasn’t a day. We’d unequivocally approaching some-more during a home race. But by no error of their own, things didn’t go so good for a drivers. A aspirant strike a behind of Pascal’s vehicle and he had to array for a tyre change. Although a organisation did a good pursuit and got him behind on a lane within a same lap, a opening to a tip was still too big. André gathering a plain foe and finished adult several positions. Unluckily, a reserve vehicle was deployed during his conflict mode, so he wasn’t means to use a vast apportionment of his additional energy. All in all, that was a formidable day for us. We’ll analyse all during a night to see what we can urge on for tomorrow.”

André Lotterer, Porsche works motorist (#36): “That wasn’t an easy race. we got divided good during a start yet was hold adult in a trade a bit. we managed to fast recover my position and was unequivocally gratified with my car. But when a reserve vehicle came out on a track, we still had dual mins left in conflict mode, and that apparently prevented me from throwing a leaders and achieving an even softened result. Tomorrow we’ll try to start a foe serve adult a grid. Then a successful finish of a deteriorate is possible, that a organisation unequivocally deserves.” 

Pascal Wehrlein, Porsche works motorist (#99): “The foe indeed started flattering well. My start was good. we was in conflict mode when Oliver (Rowland) strike my vehicle and shop-worn my left behind tyre. As a result, we had to array and mislaid roughly a lap. we couldn’t do a thing from this position. It’s a shame, yet we have to now let that go. I’ll conflict again during tomorrow’s final turn of a season.” 

Next up

Race 15 in Berlin gets underway on Sunday, 15 August. The worldwide broadcasting report of a Formula E eventuality in London is accessible on:

The preview: QA on a Berlin E-Prix

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is on a home stretch: during a Berlin E-Prix on 14th and 15th August, deteriorate 7 of a world’s electric racing array will pull to a tighten with dual races. It promises to be a many retaining deteriorate culmination in Formula E story – given on a Tempelhof Airport Street Circuit, no reduction than 18 drivers will have a possibility to explain a title. Pascal Wehrlein (GER) from a TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team still has a shot in a pretension follow with a Porsche 99X Electric during his home race: ranking 11th in a drivers’ classification, he sits usually 24 points behind a championship personality – and in Berlin, adult to 60 points (30 per foe day) are adult for grabs.

The city on a Spree River is a ideal venue for a final showdown of a initial central Formula E World Championship. It is a usually plcae where a innovative racing array has been contested any year given a initial 2014/2015 season. Drivers and teams can also demeanour brazen to a premiere: for a initial time, dual races on conflicting lane configurations will be hold over one Formula E weekend. Berlin is also value a revisit for fans this year – adult to 5,500 spectators per foe can declare a pretension preference live from a grandstands.

The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team aims to finish a second Formula E deteriorate on a high in a German collateral with Pascal Wehrlein and André Lotterer (GER) pushing their Porsche 99X Electric racers. “Anything is probable during this finale,” says Amiel Lindesay, Head of Operations Formula E. “We wish to furnish a best outcome of a deteriorate in Berlin and redeem positions as high adult a ladder as probable in a universe championship.”   

Amiel Lindesay (Head of Operations Formula E)

What use and insights will we take with we from this deteriorate to a final races in Berlin?

“As a team, we’re a lot stronger than we were 12 months ago. We’ve worked tough to continue improving. We scored points recently, and we’ve shown that we can understanding with wily situations well. Quali let us down somewhat yet we stayed certain meaningful we have a vehicle and a organisation to consistently run during a front. The foe in a universe championship is tough and a fragment of a second in subordinate or a tiny mistake in a foe can cost a podium. In Berlin, we wish to make full use of a potential.”

How do we consider a stream conditions in a universe championship? Does Pascal still have a possibility to win a pretension as a best-placed Porsche driver?

In theory, 18 drivers still have a possibility to turn universe champion, and Pascal is one of them. He’s within distinguished stretch of a tip and can secure a good grid position for a initial foe in a quali’ organisation two. If he can do this, anything’s possible. It’ll unequivocally be an sparkling final!”

Instead of a common doubleheader, dual races will be hold in Berlin on dual conflicting lane layouts. How does this impact a credentials and a race?

“Racing on dual conflicting layouts fundamentally means twice a common pre-race preparation. However, a lane layouts are a same as in deteriorate 6, that suits us obviously. We did some complete credentials work in a simulator and we were means to entrance genuine data. Actually, this is usually a second time we’ve returned to a march that we’ve already driven. The conflicting layouts make a races a unequivocally sparkling package for a fans. Berlin will be a genuine showdown to interpretation a good season.”

What are your expectations for a deteriorate finale?

“We wish to pierce adult a championship standings to consequence where we should be during a finish of a initial Formula E World Championship season. We had a lot of good opportunities to measure points. We should be many aloft adult than we now are. Now we wish to benefit a few positions. That’s a idea in Berlin.”

André Lotterer (Porsche works driver, #36)

You climbed a lectern in Berlin final year. How vehement are we about returning?

“As a German team, apparently a races in Berlin are a many critical of a year. we was on a lectern final deteriorate and if we get all right, we’ll unequivocally have a good possibility of repeating that success. It would be even better, of course, to applaud a initial feat in Berlin.”  

How have things softened compared to final year?

“We’ve gained a resources of knowledge this deteriorate and have grown as a team. As a result, we’re competing underneath totally conflicting and softened conditions this time. We have a intensity to win races and that’s a idea for Berlin.”

Pascal Wehrlein (Porsche works driver, #99)

The stirring pretension follow will go down to a handle during a deteriorate finale. How do we rate your chances and what creates a home foe so special?

“The fact that we’re still within distinguished stretch of a front on a final foe weekend is a success in itself. But we wish more. We’re positively not a favourites in a quarrel for a title, yet with dual clever races, a lot is possible. In any case, we’ll do a comprehensive best to safeguard that we make a decent jump adult a points table. To contest in Germany and utterly in front of home crowds is accurately a right motivation.”

In Berlin, a initial foe goes in one direction, and a second foe in a other direction. Will this take some removing used to?

“That’s utterly a challenge. we gathering one of a lane layouts dual years ago, a other one is new to me. Still, we consider we can fast familiarize myself with a lane and be clever on both days. We’ve driven both layouts in a simulator. We worked on a baseline setup and we prepared for effective appetite management.”

The circuit

Formula E is always good for a surprise, and a deteriorate culmination in Berlin is no exception: on a 2.355-kilometre Tempelhof Airport Street Course, foe 14 on Saturday will be contested on a strange layout, with foe 15 on Sunday using in a conflicting direction. “The march is not utterly exciting. It’s really flat, many of a 10 corners are prolonged and sweeping, and a pavement feels roughly like it’s cobblestone. That means there’s not a lot of grip,” says Pascal Wehrlein. André Lotterer adds: “I know both lane layouts from final season. They’re really special and a pavement temperatures are expected to be really high. So, we’re authorised to use dual sets of tyres for any race.”

Live TV and Internet coverage

The worldwide broadcasting report of a Formula E eventuality in Berlin is accessible via

The media service

The initial photos from Berlin are accessible on a Porsche Press Database on 13 August. Comments from a Head of Operations Formula E and drivers will be enclosed in a foe reports on 14 Aug (race 14) and 15 Aug (race 15). Further information about a TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team will be posted live on a Twitter channel @PorscheFormulaE. All applicable information about a team, a drivers and a racing array can be found in a Porsche Formula E Media Guide Porsche Formel E Media Guide. The calm will be frequently updated over a march of a deteriorate and stretched with additional interactive material.

The Porsche 99X Electric

The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team contests a second Formula E deteriorate in 2021 with a Porsche 99X Electric. André Lotterer distinguished a successful racing entrance in Nov 2019, finishing second during a season-opening foe in Diriyah after prudent preparation: a dream start and explanation that Porsche had a rival car right from a opening with a Porsche 99X Electric. This was impressively underlined by a initial stick position in Mexico City and another second place on home territory in Berlin. Formula E is a world’s initial fully-electric travel racing array and, as an accelerator for innovative and tolerable mobility technologies, it has brought stirring motorsport to people vital in vital cities given 2014. This season, in that a motorist and organisation universe champion will be crowned for a initial time, some-more vehicle manufacturers contest than in any other racing series. As such, a races are fascinating and fiercely contested.

Formula E

Formula E is a world’s initial fully-electric travel racing array and has been treating people vital in vital cities to stirring motorsport given 2014. As an accelerator for innovative and tolerable technologies of mobility, it promotes a worldwide acceptance of electric vehicles with a aim to negate meridian change. The format is compact: practice, subordinate and foe all take place on one day. Each foe is contested over 45 mins and one lap. Formula E, that facilities a organisation and motorist universe championship for a initial time this year, has captivated some-more vehicle manufacturers than any other racing series. This creates for engaging and hotly contested races. In 2021, a TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team tackles a second deteriorate using a Porsche 99X Electric.