ŠKODA Sales Grow Stronger in November

ŠKODA’s results in November affirmed the positive trend of recent months. ŠKODA delivered 82,000 vehicles to customers worldwide, which is an increase of 5.3 % (November 2012: 77,900 vehicles). In Europe, the car manufacturer delivered 57,900 cars to customers, representing double-digit growth of 14 %, further increasing the brand’s market share in Europe. The new ŠKODA Octavia proved to be a big hit, with sales of the vehicle increasing 60.9 % in Western Europe in November.

Between January and November 2013, ŠKODA sold 850,700 vehicles worldwide (same period last year: 873,000; -2.6 %). ŠKODA’s incoming orders continue to develop positively and exceeded last year’s figures in November.

“With a 5.3 % increase in November, ŠKODA has strengthened its position for the third month in a row and affirmed its upward trend in the second half of the year,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “Our model campaign is proving its increasing strength. We keep growing intensively thanks to the full availability of new models and we are continually increasing our market share in Europe. The new Octavia is doing very well, sales of the vehicle have exceeded our expectations,” he adds. Sales of the new Octavia increased by an impressive 60.9 % in Western Europe and by 23.7 % in Europe in total. The brand’s market share in Europe grew to 4 % by the end of November.

ŠKODA has stepped up another gear in the last few weeks of 2013. With eight new or revised models, 2013 has been a true ‘power year’ for ŠKODA. “2013 has seen the most comprehensive model campaign in the company’s 118-year history,” says Werner Eichhorn. The brand’s latest ‘trick’ is the start of production on the completely redesigned Yeti in China. The popular compact SUV runs off the production line there in a version customised specifically for the local market. The car manufacturer has carried out a total of twelve production starts and eight international product launches this year.

In Western Europe, ŠKODA grew significantly in November. 34,000 customer deliveries represent an increase of 20.6 % (October 2012: 28,200). Thanks to this growth, which exceeded the market development, the brand’s Western European market share grew to 3.2 % by the end of November (same period last year: 3.0 %). In Germany, the brand grew by 16.9 % to 12,300 delivered vehicles, further strengthening the position in its second strongest market as the strongest import brand. In the Netherlands, ŠKODA doubled its deliveries to customers to a total of 2,200 vehicles. The car manufacturer recorded double-figure growth in the UK (5,600 cars; up 43.7 %), in France (2,100 cars; up 13.9 %), in Switzerland (1,600 cars; up 12.0 %), in Belgium (1,300 cars; up 18.1 %), in Spain (1,300 cars; up 64.0 %), in Sweden (1,300 cars; up 18.7 %), in Finland (840 cars; up 50.4 %) and in Norway (770 cars; up 54.8 %).

In Eastern Europe, ŠKODA delivered 11,300 vehicles to customers (November 2012: 12,400; -8.7 %). By the end of November, the Czech brand had achieved a market share just short of 4 %. In Kazakhstan, ŠKODA achieved new record sales with 715 vehicles. In the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), the brand grew by 10,1 % to almost 500 delivered vehicles. In Serbia, ŠKODA grew by 26.1 %. In ŠKODA’s third largest market, Russia, the manufacturer sold 7,400 cars (November 2012: 9,000; -18.0 %).

In Central Europe, ŠKODA deliveries to customers rose by 23.2 % to 12,600 cars (November 2012: 10,200). Thus, the brand grew significantly stronger than the overall market and increased the market share to 19.1 % by the end of November. ŠKODA achieved double-digit growth rates in all Central European countries. In the Czech home market, the deliveries to customers rose by 10.5 % to 5,900 cars (November 2012: 5,300). Over the eleven months, ŠKODA’s market share in the Czech Republic stood at 36.2 %.

In China, ŠKODA delivered 18,200 vehicles to customers in November (November 2012: 21,100 cars; -13.9 %). Cumulatively over the first eleven months, ŠKODA sold a total of 217,400 cars (January to November 2012: 225,900; -3.8 %). In India, a total of 1,600 customers opted for a ŠKODA (November 2012: 2.000; -19 %).

ŠKODA deliveries to customers – November 2013 (in units, rounded, arranged according to model; +/- % compared to November 2012):

ŠKODA Octavia (30,800; -6.0 %)
ŠKODA Fabia (14,500; -25.2 %)
ŠKODA Superb (7,100; -22.0 %)
ŠKODA Yeti (8,800; +30.1 %)
ŠKODA Roomster (2,900; +7.4 %)
ŠKODA Rapid (14,600; +475.1 %)
ŠKODA Citigo (only sold in Europe: 3,300; -29.6 %)