ŠKODA LittleDriver App: Cool cruising for kids on tablets

Enjoy training a basis of pushing in a fun approach – a crafty ŠKODA LittleDriver app creates this all probable from a behind seat. With a newly grown ŠKODA app, children sitting in a back can embrace a driver’s actions regulating a tablet. The highlight: interjection to a new ŠKODA SmartGate interface, a app works with genuine information from a car. SmartGate is now accessible in a ŠKODA Fabia, Octavia, Rapid, Rapid Spaceback, Yeti and Superb models.

​The ŠKODA LittleDriver app is entirely interactive: children can duplicate a actions of a genuine motorist and collect points when they are correct. Steering, acceleration, turning, braking – all that a motorist does, a actor can embrace on a inscription in genuine time, giving back passengers a practical front quarrel seat. The aim organisation for a new app is children between 9 and twelve years old.

In multiple with SmartGate, a ŠKODA LittleDriver app is connected to a car’s infotainment complement and can entrance a resources of live automobile data. Information such as speed, fuel level, stop standing or oil vigour is displayed in genuine time on a tablet, and a ‘LittleDriver’ can use them for their practical automobile journey.

Whilst playing, a user on a back chair feels as if they were behind a circle of a genuine vehicle. From a picturesque sound of starting a engine to parking and branch off a engine – we are in a midst of a action. At a finish of a game, a actor is awarded points for a scold actions during a practical journey. These points can be used to pattern a player’s possess practical ŠKODA, that can be configured away in a app.

The operation of practical cars is versatile and attractive. A sum of 10 cars can be configured, including a fantastic Coupé pattern investigate ‘ŠKODA VisionC’, a mythological 1960 ŠKODA Felicia automobile and a stream ŠKODA Octavia RS. There are 4 opposite automobile views, dual specifications, 7 physique colours, 3 circle designs and 3 decals to select from for any model.

An critical partial of a ŠKODA LittleDriver app is a thesis of highway trade safety: it is about scold poise in highway trade that earns reward points, nonetheless during a same time it is an interactive approach of training a critical manners of a road. There is an additional menu where children can learn lots about protected control on a highway by responding questions on highway reserve in a sum of 10 categories. Instant feedback is provided: any wrong answer leads to an additional section of theory.

The ŠKODA LittleDriver app is another instance of a augmenting significance of connectivity in a vehicle. ŠKODA uses a SmartLink and SmartGate interfaces. SmartLink allows a use of smartphone apps on a arrangement of a infotainment system, and SmartGate works a other approach around; certain automobile information can be displayed in apps on a smartphone or tablet. SmartGate can arrangement around 40 opposite automobile parameters. For reserve reasons, a user should change a particular reserve cue after a initial activation of a SmartGate interface.

The ŠKODA LittleDriver app is accessible for giveaway download online for tablets concordant with iOS or Android.