ŠKODA Joins the Open Automotive Alliance


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– ŠKODA becomes a member of the global alliance of technology
  and automotive companies
– Aim: Integrating Android mobile devices into ŠKODA cars

ŠKODA joins the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA). The OAA was founded in early 2014 by companies in the technology and automotive industries, with the aim of securely and reliably integrating Android devices in cars.  

Android is a very popular operating system used in smartphones, netbooks and tablets across the globe.  

“Connectivity has become a crucial part of our everyday lives, and is playing an increasingly important role even in cars,” explains Dr. Frank Welsch, Head of Technical Development at ŠKODA. “Our customers truly appreciate how flexible and practical our vehicles are. Through seamlessly integrating mobile applications into the car, our valued customers will benefit from enhanced connectivity, safety, and functionality – now that is ‘Simply Clever’.”

Given the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the ability to link such devices in cars is increasingly in demand – ‘smartphones on four wheels’. For the Czech manufacturer, joining the Open Automotive Alliance is an important step in establishing an appropriately attractive offer. “The partnership with the Open Automotive Alliance will enable us to offer new technologies and fantastic Internet applications based on the Android operating system in our vehicles. This is how we are going to advance the topics of connectivity and automotive networking for the customer,” says Dr. Frank Welsch.

The Open Automotive Alliance was launched in January 2014. The founding members were the Internet giant Google, and, among others, the automobile companies Audi, General Motors, Honda and the microchip manufacturer Nvidia. Based on Android, the common platform will make using   modern technologies and Internet services safer and more intuitive in the car.