ŠKODA increases deliveries, sales income and handling distinction in initial half of 2014


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› Record half year: 522,500 deliveries; adult 12.5%
› Sales adult 20.3% to 6 billion euros by a finish of June
› Operating distinction increases 74.9% to 425 million euros
› The many extensive indication debate in ŠKODA’s story continues

ŠKODA has significantly increasing deliveries, sales income and handling distinction in a initial half of 2014. Selling 522,500 vehicles, this was a initial time that a Czech carmaker has delivered some-more than half a million vehicles worldwide in a initial half of a year (January to Jun 2013: 464,600; adult 12.5%). Sales income also increasing in a same period, sourroundings a new record for a initial half of a year of 6 billion euros (5.974 billion euros). This is an boost of 20.3% over a initial half of 2013 (4.966 billion euros). Operating distinction increasing compared to a same duration final year by 74.9% to 425 million euros.

“ŠKODA did really good in a initial half of a year and continues on a fast trail of growth,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “The brand’s strength has been demonstrated by a best first-half sales year in corporate story and a poignant increases in sales and revenue. Our indication debate is now display a full power, and we are even conquering new consumer groups. The new Octavia, a heart of a brand, has been a good strike in each respect, and has exceeded a expectations. We devise to continue along this trail of expansion and vigourously continue a many extensive product debate in a corporate history.”

ŠKODA’s sales income reached 5.974 billion euros in a initial half of a year – 20.3% aloft than a initial 6 months of 2013 (4.966 billion euros). Over a same period, handling distinction increasing 74.9% to 425 million euros (first half of 2013: 243 million euros). The handling margin, during 7.1%, was above a prior year’s figure of 4.9%. The increasing distinction was due in partial to a aloft series of deliveries and also to a extended indication choice and some-more enlightened product costs. Net liquidity rose by 41.9% to 1.855 billion euros. Investments amounted to 149 million euros (January to Jun 2013: 265 million euros).

“ŠKODA has grown profitably in a initial half of a year,” says ŠKODA CFO Winfried Krause. “The investments we done into a new models are profitable off. Besides a aloft profit, a boost in net liquidity also demonstrates a company’s financial strength. ŠKODA also expects increases in sales, sales income and distinction for a full year. In light of a fiercely rival environment, despotic cost fortify stays a executive concern.”

ŠKODA AUTO Group – Sales total in a initial half of 2014/2013