ŠKODA in November: Deliveries remain at a high level

ŠKODA has delivered 89,000 vehicles to customers worldwide in November 2015 (November 2014: 90,200 deliveries; down by 1.4 per cent). The car manufacturer saw growth in both Western and Central Europe. The tense overall market situation in Russia, however, slowed ŠKODA’s sales. In China and Eastern Europe (excluding Russia), ŠKODA sales reached the same level as in November of the previous year. The new-generation ŠKODA models once again received a very positive response from customers. Deliveries of the ŠKODA Fabia rose by 44.0 per cent in Europe; the ŠKODA Superb achieved an increase of 47.3 per cent.

“ŠKODA has performed well in November, in a somewhat difficult market situation,” said Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “Our global deliveries remain at a high level. We are pleased with the continued positive development of our new-generation models. After a successful market launch, the ŠKODA Superb has far exceeded our expectations,” continued Eichhorn.

In Western Europe, ŠKODA delivered 33,600 vehicles to customers (November 2014: 33,000; up by 1.8 per cent). In Germany, sales increased by 11.8 per cent to 13,600 vehicles (November 2014: 12,100). With this, ŠKODA remains the strongest foreign brand in the German market by a long way. ŠKODA has experienced double-digit growth in the Swedish market (1,500 vehicles; up by 14.5 per cent), Portugal (300 vehicles; up by 14.1 per cent) and Ireland (100 vehicles; up by 107.5 per cent).

In an overall declining market in Russia, ŠKODA delivered 4,700 vehicles in November (November 2014: 7,600 vehicles; down by 38.7 per cent). In Eastern Europe, not including Russia, 2,900 customers chose to buy a new ŠKODA (November 2014: 3,000; down by 1.3 per cent). ŠKODA achieved double-digit growth in the Romanian market (1,000 vehicles; up by 28.2 per cent), Serbia (500 vehicles; up by 25.3 per cent), Bulgaria (200 vehicles; up by 24.1 per cent) and Bosnia (100 vehicles; up by 10.7 per cent).

In Central Europe, ŠKODA deliveries increased by 16.8 per cent to 15,000 (November 2014: 12,800). The brand increased its sales in the Czech Republic, its domestic market, by 18.3 per cent to 7,700 vehicles (November 2014: 6,500). ŠKODA also saw double-digit growth in Slovakia (1,700 vehicles; up by 14.0 per cent), in Hungary (1,000 vehicles; up by 45.3 per cent), in Slovenia (500 vehicles; up by 24.3 per cent) and in Croatia (200 vehicles; up by 35.2 per cent).

In China, ŠKODA delivered 26,800 vehicles in November, thereby achieving the same level as in November of the previous year (26,800). The ŠKODA Octavia and ŠKODA Yeti models saw a positive trend in sales. In India, ŠKODA delivered 1,100 vehicles in November compared to 1,200 vehicles in November of the previous year (down by 4.0 per cent). The car manufacturer achieved sales of 1,800 vehicles in Israel, an increase of 9.9 per cent compared to November of the previous year. ŠKODA delivered double-digit growth in Australia (400 vehicles; up by 12.8 per cent) and in Taiwan (400 vehicles; up by 122.4 per cent).

ŠKODA deliveries to customers in November 2015 (units, rounded, by model; +/- in per cent compared to the same month of the previous year):

ŠKODA Octavia (35,700; -2.1%)
ŠKODA Fabia (17,100; +36.0%)
ŠKODA Rapid (15,600; -18.1%)
ŠKODA Superb (8,900; +21.7%)
ŠKODA Yeti (8,700; +0.1%)
ŠKODA Citigo (European sales only: 2,800; -16.8%)