Silk Way Rally 2018, First Edition, Stage 1: Astrakhan to Astrakhan.

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Silk Way Rally 2018

22 Jul 2018


Silk Way Rally 2018, First Edition, Stage 1: Astrakhan to Astrakhan


  • Al Rajhi completes opening theatre in tip three.
  • Nani Roma still struggling with damage following Dakar crash.
  • Roma and Haro incompetent to continue with Silk Way Rally initial edition.


Munich. The dual MINI crews, contesting a initial book of
a 2018 Silk Way Rally in Russia, endured churned fortunes in
yesterday’s initial stage. For Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA), who is more
gifted during this event, and co-pilot Timo Gottschalk (GER) it was
a clever start. The span are ranked third altogether during a finish of the
initial special theatre in Astrakhan, carrying stayed within a tip three
for a generation of a opening leg.


For Joan ‘Nani’ Roma (ESP) it was a some-more formidable day. The first
theatre of Silk Way Rally 2018 signalled a initial lapse to racing for
a Spaniard given his pile-up during this year’s Dakar. Despite feeling
prepared to get behind into competition, Roma struggled with a severe
headache and problems relating to his formerly postulated neck injury.


Along with co-pilot Alex Haro (ESP), Roma was forced to make several
stops via a stage, due to illness, and eventually sought help
from a medical group on standby during a event. Having consulted with
a doctors, it was motionless that Nani Roma should lapse to the
bivouac in a #103 MINI John Cooper Works Rally, driven by Haro.


Roma: “’It’s a empathize though we can’t continue like this. I
still have a neck problem given my pile-up during final Dakar.”


The Spanish driver’s preference is expected to be a correct one, given that
a competitors will, today, face a distant some-more tiresome marathon stage
with reduction entrance to support.


For Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) and Timo Gottschalk (GER), in a #104 MINI
John Cooper Works Rally, yesterday’s opening theatre also had its
demands, though they were ones that a unchanging pairing were means to
overcome for a plain tip 3 position. They crossed a theatre finish
line in third place, 20:27 mins behind a theatre leaders.


Al Rajhi: “The initial theatre was really perfectionist as it
was really bumpy. At a commencement we sank out with a automobile and mislaid our
jack. When we after had a prosaic tyre, we had to find a hole so that the
back circle was in a air. We attempted to find a good rhythm, though it
wasn’t there. Today is marathon day – that means we have to be smart
and not mangle anything.”


Today’s marathon theatre for leg dual of a seven-day race, will take
a competitors from Astrakhan to Elista, where they will stay
overnight with no support from a X-raid group and mechanics.


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