Showcase of Sustainability: The Audi Brand Experience Center during Munich Airport

The Audi Brand Experience Center has been combined to a endless Audi Campus on a premises of Munich airfield as a fourth training core for general trade. “With a pure concentration on sustainability, we are saying really clearly that we are coming this subject holistically and distant over a foundation of a automobile fleet,” says Horst Hanschur, conduct of Retail Business Development and Customer Services. For example, a association intends to make all Audi prolongation locations worldwide CO2-neutral by 2025. Audi intends to grasp CO2-neutrality company-wide by no after than 2050. “We are also operative together closely with a trade partners on this journey. The Audi Brand Experience Center serves as a margin for investigation and impulse during a same time.”

For example, a whole air-conditioning record in a new training and eventuality core is formed on a use of geothermal energy: Pipes that can be used for both heating and cooling are commissioned in a slabs between a floors of a building. The triple solar insurance glazing on a whole masquerade deflects beams of sunlight, that reduces a cooling bucket in summer in particular, while ensuring a high turn of light delivery during a same time.

The new building is a initial sustainably built skill during Munich airport. The potion facades of a futuristic-looking core include of only underneath 450 square meters of pure photovoltaic elements with some-more than 1,650 solar cells that broach roughly 42,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This corresponds to a annual energy expenditure of 10 four-person-households. This electricity generated with solar energy can be stored temporarily around dual battery storage inclination that Audi done from second-life batteries. The self-generated electricity is used for a building itself and for charging electric cars. There are a sum of 6 charging points in front of a building, including dual 150 kilowatt quick charging points. These charging terminals have been combined to a 78 charging points of AUDI AG’s electric charging park during Munich airport, creation it one of a largest constant charging parks in all of Europe.

As a special eye-catcher, Audi commissioned a walk-on meteorite during a charging terminals in front of a Brand Experience Center, that had “landed” on a airfield drift for a marketplace launch of a Audi e-tron. Here, Audi is experimenting with masquerade component that binds CO dioxide henceforth and is being tested for use in dealerships.

As an electric stuffing station, a meteorite is also an critical component of a “Charge and Fly” campaign. Until Dec 20, 2019, people who possess an electric automobile or plug-in hybrid can park their automobile of any code giveaway of assign here and have it entirely charged while they are roving by airplane. The Audi e-tron meteorite will sojourn accessible as a open charging hire even after a finish of a graduation period.

The code with a 4 rings has been expanding a Audi Campus during Munich airfield invariably given 1998: Aside from a Audi Brand Experience Center, a association is represented with a myAudi sphere, a Audi Conference Center, and 3 other Audi training centers.