Sheer Driving Pleasure gets an update: New Remote Software Upgrade for around dual million BMW vehicles worldwide.

Munich. BMW Remote Software Upgrades deliver
endless improvements to pivotal automobile functions, move a latest
digital products into a automobile over a atmosphere and safeguard program is
always adult to date. The BMW Group is charity a third over-the-air
ascent this year – this time for around dual million BMW vehicles
worldwide. By a finish of 2021, a world’s largest upgrade-compatible
swift will be on a roads, with over 2.5 million connected BMW
vehicles, from conventionally powered cars to plug-in variety to the
fully-electric BMW. 

The BMW Group’s many endless Remote Software Upgrade debate to
date will start with a rollout of a latest chronicle of BMW
Operating System 7 (Ver. 21-07) on 11 Oct. 2021. The debate will
flog off in Germany, with other markets to follow in stages. This
endless Remote Software Upgrade debate will concentration on expanding
and improving motorist assistance functions. Spotify will also enhance
a party knowledge offering by BMW Connected Music and can
now also play podcasts. BMW M3 and M4 drivers can demeanour brazen to a
singular new sound knowledge while driving, interjection to M Sound Control.
Each of these new facilities offers business larger convenience,
extended reserve and, utterly simply, some-more Sheer Driving Pleasure.

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New to this debate is that My BMW app users can exclusively
download this chronicle for giveaway during a initial dual weeks. The upgrade
will afterwards be accessible to all business as an involuntary download
directly by their vehicle. The My BMW app connects business to
their automobile around their smartphone, branch it into an intelligent
interface. In further to permitting a new Remote Software Upgrade to
be downloaded into a vehicle, a app also provides a accessible way
to devise trips or set adult a use appointment. From Nov 2021, the
My BMW app will offer organic enhancements in a margin of
electromobility and information on a automobile status, among other

With a stream upgrade, some-more than 30 models and 1.6 million
vehicles worldwide built by a reward manufacturer will be means to
refurbish their program directly. It will also be probable to hurl out
a stream chronicle (Ver. 21-07) to roughly 400,000 some-more vehicles with
an comparison program version. The requirement is that these vehicles have
a program chronicle with ascent capabilities (Ver. 20-07); this can
simply be achieved by installing a prior version.

New and extended functions.

  • Unnecessary steering interventions can be avoided with the
    improved Lane Departure Warning on narrowing
    roads but centre markings, as good as distributed cornering.
  • See what your BMW sees: This is probable with a new
    Assisted View. When Active Cruise Control (ACC)
    is activated, a BMW recognises a trade conditions around the
    automobile in relocating traffic, even in fog. This duty offers more
    comfort and reserve – now also in China.
  • More endless information collection of trade information via
    enhanced RTTI (Real-Time Traffic Information)
    allows BMW Maps to plan routes and envision attainment times
    even some-more precisely.
  • Spotify podcast playlists are now available
    in a car
    by BMW Connected Music. Logging in via
    a Spotify app in a automobile and BMW Connected Music automatically
    activates this feature.
  • Enhanced motorist showing in a vehicle ensures
    a scold motorist form is loaded, no matter where a vehicle
    pivotal is in a vehicle.
  • The new BMW M Sound Control for a BMW M3 and
    BMW M4 promises pristine tension – either starting a engine, changing
    gears or switching between pushing knowledge modes. In any case, a
    customisable interior sound and a unique
    BMW M Sound Experience is guaranteed.
  • Advanced volume control for Android smartphones connected to the
    automobile around Bluetooth provides an enhanced sound
    for streaming song or podcasts.

Functional improvements.

This Remote Software Upgrade once again delivers
technical use options. For a customer, this means functions are
immediately improved, but watchful times or a outing to a workshop.

Remote Software Upgrade and rollout.

With BMW Operating System 7 and Remote Software
Upgrade, BMW drivers have been means to refurbish their automobile quickly
and simply with a latest program given 2018 – regardless of whether
a new program is delivered to a automobile around a My BMW app or
directly over-the-air. The new facilities can be conveniently downloaded
into a car. Installation files are prepared in a automobile in the
background; once this is complete, even designation of vital upgrades
frequency takes some-more than 20 minutes.

Vehicles with BMW Operating System 7 constructed from Jul 2021 on
already come with a latest version, including all additional
functions. Customers can perspective a program chronicle and check for
accessible upgrades in a automobile settings underneath Remote Software
Upgrade. Remote Software Upgrade is now accessible for some-more than 30 BMW
models – roughly a whole BMW fleet. Vehicles with program older
than chronicle 20-07 can't implement a latest chronicle until the
middle chronicle has been downloaded and installed. Only a next
probable ascent is accessible for installation, so a user can never
implement a wrong version.

The accessibility of services and functions depends on a vehicle
indication and equipment, as good as a program chronicle commissioned in each
country. Customers can perspective a recover records for their respective
marketplace on a nation pages of a BMW website.

Instructions and tips for a Remote Software Upgrade can be found in
a analogous BMW how-to video

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