Seven possibilities exam Audi RS 5 DTM during Jerez

Quotes by a drivers of a Audi RS 5 DTM (2018):

Jonathan Aberdein (220 laps driven)
“Driving a Audi RS 5 DTM on a competition lane was an elating experience. I’m simply grateful for a event to exam a automobile here during Jerez. The days unequivocally flew by. we was vacant about how many opening a automobile delivers deliberation a size. I’ve usually driven single-seaters before that don’t have a roof and unequivocally not such a vast cockpit, so a perspective of a lane was a small surprising during first.”

Andreas Bakkerud (59 laps)
“For me as a rallycross driver, a totally new chapter. Last week we was means to ready a small for a exam in a simulator during Team Rosberg. Obviously, afterwards pushing a RS 5 DTM here on a competition lane was even utterly a bit some-more impressive. It was tough to trust how late we can stop with a DTM cars. Jamie (Green) and René (Rast) gave me some profitable pointers in this respect. Thank we to (Head of Audi Motorsport) Dieter Gass, Audi Sport and a whole exam group for this unequivocally cold experience.”

Mattia Drudi (50 laps)
“The DTM, for me, is a top turn in furloughed automobile racing. The event to exam a Audi RS 5 DTM has been a many critical impulse in my career so far. To be honest, we was primarily a small intimidated by a distance of a group though afterwards was shortly unequivocally vehement about operative in such a veteran environment. we wasn’t means to stop grinning on a initial three, 4 laps. This overwhelming energy when we step on a gas pedal, and a cornering speeds – a unequivocally special experience.” 

Sacha Fenestraz (57 laps)
“I hadn’t approaching a DTM competition cars to be so impossibly fast. My stints went unequivocally well, solely for a trip shortly before a finish of a exam when we got off lane and strike a barrier. Nothing happened to me though of march it worried me that a automobile was shop-worn in a incident. Even so, it was a singular knowledge for me.” 

Sergey Sirotkin (91 laps)
“I watched a DTM even as a child, so we was impossibly vehement about a test. Being means to lay in an RS 5 DTM was a singular experience, though also flattering tricky. we hadn’t found a ideal feel for a automobile by a finish of my stint. I’ve never driven a competition automobile before that comes tighten to a RS 5 DTM – a closest we might have come to it was in Formula 3. The engineers and a mechanics upheld me as best they could and condensed a time for me to reconnoitre myself as many as probable – many interjection once some-more to everyone.” 

Benoît Tréluyer (70 laps)
“The exam here during Jerez reminded me of my days in a Super GT and also of a LMP prototypes: lots of downforce and high speed in a turns. I’ve driven a RS 5 DTM once before for cab rides, though that doesn’t review with this on any level. Fine-tuning a setup and improving my pushing character path by path was implausible fun again. Although we wouldn’t have approaching anything else formed on past experience: interjection again to Audi Sport and Team Rosberg for a ideal organization.”

Frédéric Vervisch (47 laps)
“It was a long-awaited premiere for me; I’ve always wanted to expostulate a DTM car. Other drivers had told me before that a furloughed cars beget a lot of downforce – we can now endorse that. For me personally, that was a biggest change compared to a GT3 sports automobile or a TCR front-wheel-drive car. Chasing by a turns in a RS 5 DTM is unequivocally exciting. However, directly anticipating a extent wasn’t easy since we frequency notice a downforce in steering performance.”