When was the last time you actually went on a road trip?

We’re not just talking about driving from one destination to another – everybody does that. Instead, we want to know when was the last time you genuinely relaxed and seized life on a road trip?

Basically, we’re talking about “carpe diem for cars.”

That’s the term Chris Unwin and his team at social content studio Free Agency came up with when they were working on videos for #IN24, a partnership between Ford Canada and MTV.

“The road trip is something that is incredibly fun,” Unwin said. “It’s an opportunity for conversation, silliness and photographs as you get from A to B. To find the time to pull off at the side of the road when you see something cool. It’s like an expression of independence.”

#IN24 features six vibrant videos, each following Canadian musicians as they embark on their own 24-hour “carpe diem” road trip with the 2014 Ford Fiesta. Nova Scotia-born singer Kay leads off the series, followed by a stellar list of names, including Hey Ocean, Keys N Krates, Shad, Down With Webster and SonReal. The total result is a combined 1,620 kilometres behind the wheel.

Kay in the mirror

Kay went on a road trip to Niagara Falls, Ont., with her friend. It included 267 km, 26 minutes suspended in mid air – yup, you read that correctly – and three chicken wraps.


Capturing the lifestyle

Unwin is a former touring manager for Canadian band Bedouin Soundclash, so he knows a thing or two about musicians and their road trips.

“The reason we follow artists on social channels is because we are interested or aspire to their lifestyle,” he said. “I knew that people would be interested in following these road trips. Even the mundane aspect of life on the road with artists can be funny, interesting, or just engaging.”

Unwin says his team worked with the musicians to make sure they were headed to destinations that allowed them to “let loose.”

Click here to check out the videos on mtv.ca. Also, be sure to look at #IN24 on Instagram to see photos from the road trips.

As well, we want to hear from you: what would you do on a 24-hour road trip with the Fiesta? Tweet us your response with the hashtag #FiestaMoments.