SEAT receives Top Employer certificate for second uninterrupted year

SEAT has again been recognized as one of a country’s best companies to work for after receiving a Top Employer 2016 certificate. After being awarded a certificate final year, a association is still a usually carmaker in Spain with this sign of excellence.

Following an in-depth investigate survey, a Top Employers Institute, a association that given 1991 has been globally certifying a best conditions that employers emanate for their people, resolved that SEAT offers an glorious operative environment. The Institute underscored SEAT’s innovative recruitment programmes for immature talents as good as a sundry growth programmes combined by a company.

According to Executive Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros, “SEAT aspires to emanate an glorious sourroundings that is gainful to personal and veteran development. Receiving a Top Employer certificate for a second year in a quarrel confirms that we are headed in a right instruction and reaffirms a joining to peculiarity employment”.

What creates SEAT a tip employer

SEAT is constantly seeking immature talent for a opposite groups of a company. This is achieved by conducting a accumulation of recruitment initiatives that minister to generating employment, from traineeship programmes, doctoral students and special programmes for immature engineers, to twin vocational training. One of a standout programmes is Start-up Europe, that gave scarcely 20 immature people a eventuality to benefit entrance to their initial operative knowledge during SEAT, followed by a proxy general chain duration in a opposite brands of a Volkswagen Group. In a final year, some-more than 900 immature talents assimilated SEAT by one of many programmes offering by a company.

To encourage a employees development, a association comforts a extended operation of training programmes, of that a Top Employers Institute highlighted endless technical training, care and denunciation skills. In addition, SEAT also encourages other initiatives such as general knowledge and personalised career growth programmes. The association invests 14 million euros annually on normal in training.

Being an glorious employer also involves several other undertakings, such as enchanting a workforce in a company’s CSR process by oneness actions or a launch of a innovative mundoSEAT app, an ad hoc focus combined so that SEAT employees, as good as fans of a brand, can keep adult with a latest information on a association from their mobiles. In addition, a really special Family Day was organized in 2015, an open residence eventuality during a Martorell comforts where SEAT workers had a eventuality to entice their friends and family members to debate their workplace. During a event, that was rarely praised by a Top Employers Institute, several convenience activities were organized to give all participants a improved bargain of a code and a Martorell factory. With this initiative, a association validated the joining to the workers and their families.