Season 2 of a BMW SIM GT Cup starts with feat for Finland’s KOVA – Countdown to BMW SIM LIVE in Nov is on.

Munich. BMW Esports is changeable adult a rigging on a sim racing
theatre in a second half of a year. The sim village will do
conflict for esteem income totalling over 135,000 US dollars in
competitions on a iRacing, rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa
Competizione platforms in 2021. The grand finale, BMW SIM LIVE, will
this year take place probably over dual days for a initial time, on
20th and 21st November. Sunday’s BMW SIM GT
Cup foe on iRacing heralded a start of a heated theatre of
foe heading adult to a prominence of a season. The sim
racers were underway in a new BMW M4 GT3 for a initial time, with
feat going to a Finnish KOVA team.


Season dual of a BMW SIM GT Cup began with a autocratic win for
Tuomas Tähtelä and Pekka Tuomainen (both FIN). Tähtelä cumulative pole
position in a practical BMW M4 GT3, and a KOVA pairing never looked
behind in a two-hour race. They were followed over a finish line in
second and third place by a Valkyrie Esports and Williams Esports teams.


Tähtela/Tuomainen were not usually rewarded with 1,200 US dollars each,
though also competent for a grand culmination during BMW SIM LIVE 2021, where
they will be competing for a esteem purse of some-more than 67,000 US
dollars in a BMW SIM GT Cup alone.


Twelve drivers had already competent in a initial deteriorate of a BMW
SIM GT Cup on iRacing, that took place between Jan and May. They
enclosed a dual BMW SIM LIVE champions from 2019 and 2020, Mitchell
deJong (USA) and Joshua Rogers (AUS), both of whom foe for Coanda Simsport.


This year’s BMW SIM LIVE eventuality will take place on 20th and
21st November. While a BMW SIM LIVE studio will be in BMW
Welt like final year, a competitors will contest in a final races
on their simulators during home. As good as a determining races in a BMW
SIM GT Cup, a programme also facilities a finals in a BMW SIM M2
CS Racing Cup on rFactor 2 (total esteem income of 10,500 Euros) and the
BMW SIM Time Attack by Assetto Corsa Competizione (total esteem money
of 14,000 Euros).


The BMW SIM GT Cup earnings to a practical lane during Austin (USA) on
15th August. Season 2 of a BMW SIM M2 CS Racing on
rFactor 2 gets underway with a foe during Monza (ITA) on 9th
August. The subsequent BMW SIM Time Attack by Assetto Corsa Competizione
Challenge starts on 6th Sep during a Barcelona (ESP) circuit.


About BMW Esports.

BMW has been collaborating with 5 of a world’s best teams as a
partner in a classical League of Legends diversion given 2020. Cloud 9,
FNATIC, FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports and T1 fly a BMW colours in the
biggest events in a industry. The prominence of a first
collaborative deteriorate in 2020 was a Worlds, in that G2 esports and
FNATIC done it to a knock-out theatre of a finals in a conflict of
a world’s best teams. G2 Esports even done it to a semi-final. The
Dota 2 specialists OG Esport are a new further to a ‘United in
Rivalry’ patrol as of 2021. The impasse in Esports gives BMW
totally new hold points with a dynamic, fast flourishing community;
creation Esports an critical destiny margin for BMW selling activities.
BMW has distinguished member in sim racing as well, and has
integrated BMW SIM Racing into a racing programme as a standalone
pillar. The BMW SIM Cups attract a world’s best sim racers, who do
conflict for wins, titles and appealing money prizes in practical BMW
racing cars. BMW SIM Racing teams are holding partial for a initial time
in 2021. BS+COMPETITION, G2 Esports, Team GB and Team Redline
paint BMW on several make-believe platforms.