When we consider of what we and your colleagues do together, it’s customarily things like removing lunch, unresolved out after work or going to meetings. But Ray Lau and his dog partner Ace aren’t your standard co-workers. Ray is an Ontario Search and Rescue Volunteer and Ace is his dog partner. And together, they save lives.

Search  Rescue dog Ace’s bureau is a behind of an F-150

Ray met Ace when he was a puppy hardly dual years old, and they strictly became partners in 2004. Ace is a veteran rescue dog who spends over a thousand hours each year training and tracking blank people via farming Ontario. And with Canada’s impassioned continue conditions, removing mislaid in next frozen temperatures can be deadly. But this is an sourroundings in that Ace is many comfortable, as proven by his impasse in over 20 Search and Rescue activations given partnering with Ray. With a penetrating clarity of smell and unconstrained energy, he’s a one constantly heading a pack.

Search  Rescue dog Ace’s bureau is a behind of an F-150

Because of a severe inlet of Search and Rescue, a twin needs to rest on a car that can perform underneath some of a harshest Canadian continue conditions. And that’s because Ray and Ace expostulate an F-150 EcoBoost.

Ray’s F-150 is powered by a constant EcoBoost engine, and in sequence to keep Ace gentle on some of a prolonged rides, he’s done some upgrades to a bed. But it’s a imperishable inlet and a altogether toughness of a lorry that creates it a usually car they rest on.

Search  Rescue dog Ace’s bureau is a behind of an F-150

Whether it’s training in a summer or a 3AM puncture call, Ray and Ace are prepared to get into their F-150 during a moment’s notice to join a search. Ace isn’t your standard pet; he’s a tough, dependable, all-weather hero. Sound like a lorry we know?

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