Sales start for a new Audi RS 3 LMS

At a cost of 137,500 euros (plus VAT), a teams accept a furloughed automobile from Audi Sport in race-ready condition. As standard, a code reserve a RS 3 LMS in Daytona gray with a particular Audi Sport signature tone pattern. The cockpit, that is as organic as it is aesthetic, is designed to be even some-more ergonomic than that of a predecessor. All critical elements are grouped in a steering circle control row and a keypad to a right of a seat. Audi installs a steering circle that is open during a tip as standard. In terms of safety, Audi Sport is once again sourroundings standards in a rival sourroundings above and over a regulations: a brand’s possess Protection Seat with six-point fixation, a roof induce to promote liberation and a pedal box that can be practiced for opposite statures all mount for reserve and comfort. The use judgment is tailored precisely to a teams: High variability and worldly discerning adjustments make it easier to set adult a competition car. The roughly totally customary record of a engine and prolonged use lives of a other components capacitate careful operation. Sales and tools supply around Audi Sport patron racing in Europe and intercontinental contractual partners pledge high standards.

Audi Sport offers a teams serve options during additional cost: A pack for continuation racing includes preassembled wiring for auxiliary headlights, a racing anti-lock braking complement and a device for outmost refueling. Front and back windows done of polycarbonate as good as triangular reserve nets to a right and left of a chair turn off a operation of options.

Deliveries of a second-generation Audi RS 3 LMS will start in a fourth entertain of 2021. The compress sedan competition automobile has already been homologated given May and is therefore authorised for worldwide use.

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